These lists describe the territorial and field commands of the Union and Confederate armies, from 1 January 1861 to 31 December 1865. 

Master List of Military Organisations

This List makes it possible to find any Organisation in the appropriate Theatre List.
Search by name and level and find full details in the appropriate Theatre.

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Union Organisations

Introduction to Union Organisations

Overview of Union Organisations – Evolution and Trends

Western Territories and Pacific Coast Theatre

Trans-Mississippi, Northwest, and Frontier Theatres

Western Theatre

Gulf Coast Theatre

Atlantic Coast Theatre

Eastern Theatre

Capital and North-Eastern Theatre

Union Staff Bureaux

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Confederate Organisations

Introduction to Confederate Organisations

Overview of Confederate Organisations – Evolution and Trends

Trans-Mississippi and Frontier Theatres

Western and Gulf Theatres

Atlantic Coast Theatre

Eastern and Appalachian Theatres

Confederate Staff Bureaux 

Territorial organisations are listed for all identified Military Divisions, Departments, Districts, Sub-Districts, and equivalents. Field organisations are listed for identifiable Armies, Army Corps, and their equivalents.

The establishment, transfers, and discontinuation dates for each organisation are accompanied by the dates of commanders.

These Chronologies make it possible to trace the evolution of commands during the immediate pre-war, wartime, and immediate post-war periods. Organisations are grouped into theatres of war for convenience and provided with an overview of their evolution. Some organisations moved between or operated in more than one theatre of war and are listed as most appropriate at a particular time.

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