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  • What happened when – and how did these events fit into the evolution of the conflict? Chronology
  • Who was commanding what and where on a particular date? Command Organisation
  • Who were their superior and subordinate officers? Generals Lists

  • How did they get there – and why not somebody else? Generals
  • Where did they fit into the hierarchy of command? Organisations
  • How did the structure of high command evolve and why? Organisations

  • When did each General join the high command and what was their trajectory?

During the American Civil War, the military ascendancy shifted gradually but decisively from the Confederate States to the Union. One of very many factors in this shift was the diverging approach adopted by each side to organise its military high command.  The pattern of the emergence and elevation of key commanders to the highest positions differs significantly. This evolution contributed to the final Union victory.

Leadership is a major factor in the success of any endeavour, but exceptional leadership is an imperative element for success in the extreme test of warfare. 

If you are interested in the evolution of military command and organisation during the American Civil War, please enjoy this resource of over 10 million words….

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