American Civil War High Command – What is here?

Who was doing what, where, when and why?

Chronology Day by Day:

This section has an entry for every day from 1st January 1861 to 31st August 1865, with a summary to 31st December 1865.

Each daily chronology lists the date and day; major incidents occurring on that day; major campaigns and operations ongoing at the time, events and incidents of international, national, state, and territorial; also, the high command organisation and order of seniority of general officers on that date.


This section lists each side’s general officers, with a record of appointments, promotions, and service of general officers.
Who became what and when.


This section is a list of the major territorial and field commands for each side.


This section describes the role of the Navies of each side, especially the evolution of Union naval commands.

The author: I have been exploring the American Civil War for many years. This blog provides a helpful overview and information to help anyone interested in the high commands of the American Civil War.

In a voluntary endeavour on this scale, there are sure to be errors and omissions. I have tried to keep these to a minimum, but I trust that when weighed against the broader value of this resource, any such errors will be excused.

I have drawn facts, information and opinions from a variety of sources, from published books and online sources, of varying reliability. I do not claim to have cross-checked or fact-checked all information in a thoroughly rigorous or scholarly way, and have not referenced sources. I have made my best efforts to be accurate and check facts albeit without providing scholarly apparatus or footnotes.

I have done my best to achieve practical consistency and clarity. When selecting events and incidents for inclusion or exclusion, I have aimed to record any information that serves to set the evolution in military organisation and command in their context.

I have sought to avoid controversy, whether political or historical, and have generally sought to state moderate, impartial, accepted, or standard interpretations of disputed events or facts, rather than partial, contrary, or controversial ones. I accept responsibility for the interpretations and opinions I have expressed but am open to correction or amendment where a sound historical consensus or evidence can be shown.

The abbreviations, terminology, and information are intended to be readily understood by people familiar with the American Civil War.

I welcome improvements, additions, corrections, clarifications, and suggestions within these parameters. Any errors are mine.

Please contact the author, John Easom, using the Contact Form.

Thank you to Paul Newton for advice and support.

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