Major Campaigns and Battles

Major Campaigns

Start Date End Date Name State Theatre
15-Jul-61 22-Jul-61 First Bull Run Campaign VA East
9-Aug-61 7-Nov-61 Wilson’s Creek Campaign MO Trans-Mississippi
1-Feb-62 16-Feb-62 Forts Henry & Donelson Campaign TN West
7-Feb-62 26-Apr-62 Expedition to North Carolina NC Atlantic
17-Mar-62 16-Aug-62 Peninsula Campaign VA East
29-Mar-62 7-Apr-62 Shiloh Campaign TN West
29-Apr-62 10-Jun-62 Corinth Campaign TN West
9-May-62 10-Jun-62 Shenandoah Valley Campaign VA East
25-Jun-62 1-Jul-62 Seven Days’ Battles VA East
14-Jul-62 1-Sep-62 Second Bull Run Campaign VA East
14-Aug-62 29-Oct-62 Invasion of Kentucky (East) KY West
28-Aug-62 29-Oct-62 Invasion of Kentucky (Central) KY West
1-Sep-62 18-Sep-62 Maryland Campaign MD East
6-Sep-62 16-Sep-62 Kanawha Campaign VA East
7-Nov-62 15-Dec-62 Fredericksburg Campaign VA East
29-Apr-63 4-Jul-63 Vicksburg Campaign MS West
30-Apr-63 4-May-63 Chancellorsville Campaign VA East
3-Jun-63 14-Jul-63 Gettysburg Campaign PA East
23-Jun-63 30-Jun-63 Tullahoma Campaign TN West
15-Aug-63 20-Sep-63 Chickamauga Campaign TN West
9-Oct-63 9-Nov-63 Bristoe Campaign VA East
26-Oct-63 25-Nov-63 Chattanooga Campaign TN West
4-Nov-63 5-Dec-64 Knoxville Campaign TN West
26-Nov-63 1-Dec-63 Mine Run Campaign VA East
3-Feb-64 5-Mar-64 Meridian Campaign MS West
10-Mar-64 22-May-64 Red River Campaign AR Trans-Mississippi
23-Mar-64 3-May-64 Arkansas Campaign AR Trans-Mississippi
1-May-64 8-Sep-64 Atlanta Campaign GA West
4-May-64 15-May-64 James River Campaign VA East
5-May-64 15-Jun-64 Virginia Overland Campaign VA East
16-Jun-64 2-Apr-65 Petersburg Campaign VA East
27-Jun-64 7-Aug-64 Washington Raid VA East
7-Aug-64 2-May-65 Shenandoah Campaign VA East
18-Sep-64 10-Jan-65 Invasion of Tennessee TN West
15-Nov-64 21-Dec-64 March to the Sea GA/SC West
1-Feb-65 26-Apr-65 Carolinas Campaign SC/NC West
17-Mar-65 12-Apr-65 Mobile Campaign AL Gulf
29-Mar-65 9-Apr-65 Appomattox Campaign VA East

Campaigns Month by Month

1861 Campaigns J F M A M J J A S O N


First Bull Run Campaign, Virginia X
Wilson’s Creek Campaign, Missouri X X X X
1862 Campaigns J F M A M J J A S O N D

Forts Henry & Donelson Campaign, Tennessee

Expedition To North Carolina X X X
Peninsula Campaign, Virginia X X X X X X
Shiloh Campaign, Tennessee X X
Corinth Campaign, Mississippi X X X
Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Virginia X X
Seven Days’ Battles, Virginia X X
Second Bull Run Campaign, Virginia X X X
Invasion Of Kentucky (East) X X X
Invasion Of Kentucky (Central) X X X
Maryland Campaign X
Kanawha Campaign, West Virginia X
Fredericksburg Campaign, Virginia X X
1863 Campaigns J F M A M J J A S O N D

Vicksburg Campaign, Mississippi

Chancellorsville Campaign, Virginia X X
Gettysburg Campaign, Pennsylvania X X
Tullahoma Campaign, Tennessee X
Chickamauga Campaign, Georgia X X
Bristoe Campaign, Virginia X X
Chattanooga Campaign, Tennessee X X
Knoxville Campaign, Tennessee X X
Mine Run Campaign, Virginia X X
1864 Campaigns J F M A M J J A S O N D
Meridian Campaign, Mississippi X X
Red River Campaign, Louisiana X X X
Arkansas Campaign X X X
Atlanta Campaign, Georgia X X X X X
James River Campaign, Virginia X
Virginia Overland Campaign X X
Petersburg Campaign, Virginia X X X X X X X
Washington Raid, Maryland X X X
Shenandoah Campaign, Virginia X X X X X
Invasion Of Tennessee X X X X
March To The Sea, Georgia X X

1865 Campaigns

Petersburg Campaign, Virginia X X X X
Shenandoah Campaign, Virginia X X X X X
Invasion Of Tennessee X
Carolinas Campaign, South Carolina & North Carolina X X X
Mobile Campaign, Alabama X X
Appomattox Campaign, Virginia X X


Total Military Events by type 10,455
Skirmishes 61% 6,337
Actions 10% 1,026
Affairs 6% 639
Assaults 0% 29
Battles 1% 76
Campaigns 0% 29
Captures 1% 79
Combats 0% 46
Engagements 3% 310
Expeditions 7% 727
Occupations 1% 82
Operations 3% 299
Raids 1% 64
Reconnaissances 2% 252
Scouts 4% 434
Sieges 0% 26
Total Military Events by State:
Virginia 24% 2,154
Tennessee 16% 1,462
Missouri 13% 1,162
Mississippi 8% 772
Arkansas 8% 771
West Virginia 7% 632
Louisiana 6% 566
Georgia 6% 549
Kentucky 5% 453
Alabama 4% 336
North Carolina 3% 313
South Carolina 3% 239
Maryland 2% 203
Florida 2% 168
Texas 1% 90
Indian Territory 1% 89
California 1% 88
New Mexico Territory 1% 75
TOTAL   9,078

(These definitions and lists are incomplete and disputed, and are based on the records compiled by Frederick Dyer)

Battles of the American Civil War (CWSAC)

The American Civil War was fought between April 12th 1861 and May 13th 1865 in 23 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia and the District of Columbia, and in the following territories (Arizona Territory, Colorado Territory, Dakota Territory, Indian Territory, New Mexico Territory, and Washington Territory). There were also naval engagements in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and on inland and coastal waters.  Some battles have more than one name. Union reports tended to name battles after geographical landmarks, whereas the Confederates often named battles after nearby towns.

The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) was established within the US National Parks Service to classify the preservation status of historic battlefield land. In 1993, the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission (CWSAC) reported to Congress and the ABPP on their extensive analysis of significant battles and battlefields. Of the estimated 8,000 occasions in which hostilities occurred in the American Civil War, 384 battles were classified in CWSAC’s Report on the Nation’s Civil War Battlefields. In addition to the status of battlefield land preservation CWSAC rated the military significance of the battles into four classes:

Class A – Decisive: A general engagement involving field armies in which a commander achieved a vital strategic objective. Such a result might include an indisputable victory on the field or be limited to the success or termination of a campaign offensive. Decisive battles had a direct, observable impact on the direction, duration, conduct, or outcome of the war.

Class B – Major: An engagement of magnitude involving field armies or divisions of the armies in which a commander achieved an important strategic objective within the context of an ongoing campaign offensive. Major battles had a direct, observable impact on the direction, duration, conduct, or outcome of the campaign.

Class C – Formative: An engagement involving divisions or detachments of the field armies in which a commander accomplished a limited campaign objective of reconnaissance, disruption, defence, or occupation. Formative battles had an observable influence on the direction, duration, or conduct of the campaign.

Class D – Limited: An engagement, typically involving detachments of the field armies, in which a commander achieved a limited tactical objective of reconnaissance, defence, or occupation. Limited battles maintained contact between the combatants without observable influence on the direction of the campaign.

The CWSAC Ratings indicate the following outcomes:

Union Victory
= U

Confederate Victory
= C

= I

Decisive Battle
= D




Major Battle
= M




Formative Battle
= F




Limited Battle
= L




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