Chronology Day by Day

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Chronology Day by Day has an entry for every single day from 1 January 1861 to 31 August 1865, with summaries for the end of 1860 and to 31 December 1865.

Each daily chronology lists the date and day; major incidents occurring on that day; major campaigns and operations ongoing at the time; as well as political and military events and incidents of international, national, state, and territorial importance.

It reports changes to the status of major commands and their commanders, as well as appointments, promotions, etc of Generals Officers.

It lists the current Organisations Tree of major territorial commands down to Sub-District level and field commands down to Corps level, with their current commanders, making it possible to follow the evolution of each side’s high command structure.

There is a list of General Officers for each side in order of seniority on that date and permits the reader to track the progression and evolution of the high command.

The Chronology is designed to give a daily status quo and allows the reader to track the progress of particular campaigns, commanders, and organisations in their wider context.

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