United States Military Academy (USMA)

The role of the United States Military Academy (West Point)

The United States Military Academy was established at West Point, New York, in 1802 to train the new nation’s young men in advanced military and engineering skills and prepare the future leaders of the United States Army. The Academy produced 445 Civil War generals – 294 for the Union and 151 for the Confederacy. Of graduates who were still alive at the start of the war, 105 were killed and 151 had been wounded – 25% of the total. A West Point graduate commanded one or both armies in every one of the 60 major battles of the war.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, 296 US Regular Army officers of various grades resigned. Of these, 239 joined the Confederate Army in 1861 and a further 31 joined after 1861. Of these 270 Confederate officers from the US Army, 184 were United States Military Academy graduates. The other 809 active officers in the US Army, 640 of whom were West Point graduates, remained with the Union. Approximately 900 West Point graduates were in civilian life at the beginning of the war, and of these 114 returned to serve in the Union Army and 99 joined the Confederate Army.

In total, there were 283 Confederate and 754 Union “West Pointers” but professional military training did not necessarily confer high command. Loudly voiced prejudice was often voiced against West Pointers, especially in the North. This was partially justified by the small size, limited field experience and overly bureaucratic nature of the pre-war army, but accusations of excessive punctiliousness or even incompetence among them were largely unfounded. The Confederates were more energetic in finding and promoting officers with West Point training.

The first cadets of the United States Military Academy graduated in 1805; 52 cadets graduated in the first ten years, of whom only three served in the Civil War. The following list includes those who served during the American Civil War (with 3/42 indicating that they graduated 3rd out of 42 cadets, as graded after 1817).

Eighteen Superintendents or Commanding Officers of the United Military Academy served during the American Civil War.

Superintendents and Commanding Officers of USMA

1817-1833 Sylvanus Thayer / Colonel USA
1833-1838 René Edward De Russy / Colonel USA
1838-1845 Richard Delafield / Brigadier-General USA
1845-1852 Henry Brewerton / Colonel USA
1852-1855 Robert Edward Lee / Colonel USA and General ACSA
1855-1856 John Gross Barnard /Brigadier-General USA
1856-1861 Richard Delafield / Brigadier-General USA
1861-1861 Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard / Captain USA and General ACSA
1861-1861 Richard Delafield / Brigadier-General USA
1861-1864 Alexander Hamilton Bowman / Lieutenant-Colonel USA and Colonel USV
1864-1864 Zealous Bates Tower / Colonel USA and Brigadier-General USV
1864-1866 George Washington Cullum / Colonel USA and Brigadier-General USV
1866-1871 Thomas Gamble Pitcher / Colonel USA and Brigadier-General USV
1871 -1876 Thomas Howard Ruger / Major-General USA and Brigadier-General USV
1876-1881 John McAllister Schofield Lieutenant-General USA and Major-General USV
1881-1882 Oliver Otis Howard / Major-General USA and Major-General USV
1882-1887 Wesley Merritt / Major-General USA and Major-General USV
1887-1889 John Grubb Parke / Colonel USA and Major-General USV
1889-1893 John Moulder Wilson / Brigadier-General USA and / Lieutenant-Colonel USV

Graduates of the USMA in Union Service during the Civil War

Note: Officers attaining General Officer grade in blue; those attaining Major-General grade or above in US Volunteers in blue and bold; those attaining Brigadier-General (line) or higher grades in US Regulars Army in purple

USMA Class of 1805:
Joseph Gilbert Totten Brigadier-General USA Chief of Engineers 1838 Died 22 April 1864

USMA Class of 1806:
William Gates / Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1808:
Sylvanus Thayer / Colonel USA Engineers Superintendent of USMA 1817-1833 Retired June 1863

USMA Class of 1811:
John James Abert / Colonel USV Retired September 1861, died 1863
Gustavus Loomis / Colonel USA Retired June 1863

USMA Class of 1812:
René Edward De Russy / Colonel USA Engineers Superintendent of USMA 1833-1838 Died San Francisco, California, November 1865

USMA Class of 1814:
Charles Spencer Merchant / Colonel USV Retired August 1863
James Wolfe Ripley Brigadier-General USA Chief of Ordnance 1861
Charles Mynn Thruston Brigadier-General USV

USMA Class of 1815:
Benjamin L E Bonneville / Colonel USA Retired 1861
Thomas J Leslie Major USA Paymaster
John Symington / Colonel USA Retired 1863

USMA Class of 1817:
Ethan Allen Hitchcock Major-General USV
James D Graham / Colonel USA Corps of Engineer

USMA Class of 1818:
Hartman Bache 19/23 / Colonel USA Engineers
Harvey Brown 6/23 / Colonel USA Artillery
Richard Delafield 1/23 Superintendent of USMA 1838-1845 and 1856-1861 Brigadier-General USA Chief of Engineers of US Army 1864

USMA Class of 1819:
Henry Brewerton 3/29 / Colonel USA Superintendent of USMA 1845-1852 Engineers
Justin Dimick 11/29 / Colonel USA
Daniel Tyler 14/29 Brigadier-General USV

USMA Class of 1820:
William Morris 30/30 / Colonel USA
George Douglas Ramsay 26/30 Brigadier-General USA Chief of Ordnance 1863
Daniel Tompkins 10/30 / Colonel USV Quartermaster Died February 1863 Brooklyn, New York

USMA Class of 1821:

USMA Class of 1822:
John Joseph Abercrombie 37/40 Brigadier-General USV
William Cook 6/40 Brigadier-General New Jersey Militia
Campbell Graham 9/40 Major USA Retired September 1861
David Hunter 25/40 Major-General USV
Joseph King Fenno Mansfield 2/40 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV Mortally wounded Antietam September 17 1862
George Archibald McCall 26/40 Brigadier-General USV
Thompson Morris 31/40 Lieutenant- / Colonel USA Retired September 1861
John Pickell 16/40 / Colonel USV Resigned March 1862 died January 1865
George Wright 24/40 Brigadier-General USV Died July 1865
David H Vinton 14/40 / Lieutenant-Colonel Quartermaster

USMA Class of 1823:
Edmund Alexander 33/35 / Colonel USA
George Andrews 19/35 / Lieutenant-Colonel Retired 1862
George H Crosman 30/35 / Colonel USV Quartermaster
Hannibal Day 23/35 / Colonel USA
George Sears Greene 2/35 Brigadier-General USV
George Nauman 8/35 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA Died August 1863, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joseph R Smith 22/35 Major USA
Lorenzo Thomas 17/35 Brigadier-General USA Adjutant-General 1861

USMA Class of 1824:
Electus Backus 28/31 / Colonel USA Died June 1862
Dennis H Mahan 1/31
Dixon S Miles 27/31 / Colonel USV Mortally Wounded, Harpers Ferry September 1862

USMA Class of 1825:
Robert Anderson 15/37 Brigadier-General USA
Alexander Hamilton Bowman 3/37 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA / Colonel USV Superintendent of USMA 1861-1864
Osborne Cross 26/37 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
William Reading Montgomery 28/37 Brigadier-General USV
Nathaniel H Street 23/37
Charles Ferguson Smith 19/37 Major-General USV Died April 1862
Washington Seawell 20/37 / Colonel USV
William A Thornton 12/37 / Colonel USV Ordnance

USMA Class of 1826:
Edwin B Babbitt 28/41 / Colonel USV
William H C Bartlett 1/41 2nd Lieutenant USA
Silas Casey 39/41 Major-General USV
Amos Beebe Eaton 36/41 Brigadier-General USV Commissary General of Subsistence 1864
Samuel Peter Heintzelman 17/41 Major-General USV
Nathaniel C Macrae 33/41 Major USA
Augustus J Pleasonton 20/41 Brigadier-General Pennsylvania Militia

USMA Class of 1827:
Napoleon Bonaparte Buford 6/38 Major-General USV
Philip St George Cooke 23/38 Brigadier-General USV
Isaac Lynde 32/38 Major USA
William Maynadier 3/38 / Colonel USV Ordnance
Ebenezer Sibley 1/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA Quartermaster
Thomas Stockton 16/38 / Colonel USV
Thomas Worthington 12/38 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1828:
Robert E Clary 13/33 / Colonel USV Quartermaster
Crafts J Wright 31/33 / Colonel USV Resigned September 1862

USMA Class of 1829:
James Barnes 5/46 Brigadier-General USV
Benjamin W Brice 40/46 / Colonel USV Paymaster
Joseph Smith Bryce 7/46 Captain USV
Catharinus Putnam Buckingham 6/46 Brigadier-General USV
Sidney Burbank 17/46 / Colonel USV
Albemarle Cady 24/46 / Colonel USA
Thomas Alfred Davies 25/46 Brigadier-General USV
Seth Eastman 22/46 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
William Hoffman 18/46 / Colonel USA
Franklin E Hunt 20/46 Major USA
Ormsby McKnight Mitchel 15/46 Major-General USV Died Beaufort, South Carolina October 1862
Caleb C Sibley 28/46 / Colonel USA
Thomas Swords 23/46 / Colonel USV Quartermaster

USMA Class of 1830:
Thomas L Alexander 29/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Robert Christie Buchanan 31/42 / Colonel USV
Jesse H Leavenworth 22/42 / Colonel USV
George W Patten 36/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Edwin Rose 14/42 / Colonel USV Resigned July 1862 Died January 1864
Robert H K Whitely 13/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1831:
Jacob Ammen 12/33 Brigadier-General USV
William Chapman 15/33 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Samuel Ryan Curtis 27/33 Major -General USV
William Hemsley Emory 14/33 Major-General USV
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys 13/33 Major-General USV
Thomas Jefferson McKean 19/33 Brigadier-General USV
Horatio Phillips Van Cleve 24/33 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Van Rensselaer 20/33 / Colonel USV Died Cincinnati, Ohio, 1864
Charles Whittlesey 32/33 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1832:
James V Bomford 34/45 / Colonel USA
Albert G Edwards 45/45 Brigadier-General Missouri Militia
Erasmus Darwin Keyes 10/45 Major-General USV
Randolph Barnes Marcy 29/45 Brigadier-General USV
John Navarre Macomb 14/45 / Colonel USV
William H Pettes 23/45 / Colonel USV
James H Simpson 18/45 / Colonel USV
Lorenzo Sitgreaves 25/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Daniel P Whiting 28/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1833:
Benjamin Alvord 22/43 Brigadier-General USV
John Gross Barnard 2/43 Superintendent of USMA 1855-1856 Brigadier-General USV
George Washington Cullum 3/43 Superintendent of USMA 1864-1866 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Du Pont 21/43 Major-General Delaware Militia
Thomas Johns 38/43 / Colonel USV
Rufus King 4/43 Brigadier-General USV
George Hay Ringgold 33/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Henry L Scott 41/43 / Colonel USA
Edmund Schriver 17/43 / Colonel USA
Alexander E Shiras 20/43 / Colonel USV
William H Sidell 6/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Henry Walton Wessels 29/43 Brigadier-General USV

USMA Class of 1834:
Joseph L Coburn 25/35 Captain USV
Cary H Fry 20/35 Major USA
William Scott Ketchum 32/35 Brigadier-General USV
John F Lee 9/35 Captain USA
Morris S Miller 14/35 Major USA
Thomas Morris 4/35 Brigadier-General Indiana Militia
Alexander Montgomery 36/35 Major USV
Gabriel René Paul 18/35 Brigadier-General USV
Curran Pope 11/35 / Colonel USV Mortally wounded, Perryville, Kentucky, October 1862
Seneca G Simmons 22/35 / Colonel USV Killed Gaines’ Mill, Virginia, June 1862
Richard H Smith 30/45 Major USA

USMA Class of 1835:
Horace Brooks 9/56 / Colonel USA
William H De Forest 35/56 Captain USA Resigned 1862 Died 1864
Joseph H Eaton 43/56 Major USA Paymaster
William N Grier 54/56 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Herman Haupt 29/56 Brigadier-General USV
Henry L Kendrick 16/56 Captain USA
John Henry Martindale 3/56 Brigadier-General USV
George Gordon Meade 19/56 Major-General USA & Major-General USV
George Webb Morell 1/56 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Morris Naglee 23/56 Brigadier-General USV
Marsena Rudolph Patrick 46/56 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Prince 30/56 Brigadier-General USV
Isaac V D Reeve 45/56 / Colonel USA
Benjamin Stone Roberts 53/56 Brigadier-General USV
Joseph Roberts 8/56 / Colonel USV
James Hughes Stokes 17/56 Brigadier-General USV
Robert A Wainwright 52/56 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Charles J Whiting 4/56 Major USA Dismissed 1863

USMA Class of 1836:
Robert Allen 33/49 Brigadier-General USV
David P De Witt 14/49 / Colonel USV
James Lowry Donaldson 15/49 / Colonel USV
Peter V Hagner 25/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Henry Hayes Lockwood 22/49 Brigadier-General USV
Montgomery Cunningham Meigs 5/49 Brigadier-General USA
John Wolcott Phelps 24/49 Brigadier-General USV
Thomas West Sherman 18/56 Brigadier-General USV
Richard G Stockton 44/49 Brigadier-General Missouri Militia
George C Thomas 35/49 Major-General District of Columbia Militia
Daniel Phineas Woodbury 6/49 Brigadier-General USV Died Key West, Florida, 1864
Israel Carle Woodruff 30/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1837:
Lewis Golding Arnold 10/50 Brigadier-General USV
Joshua Bates 25/50 Brigadier-General Ohio Militia
Henry Washington Benham 1/50 Brigadier-General USV
Alexander Brydie Dyer 6/50 Brigadier-General USV Chief of Ordnance 1864
William Henry French 22/50 Major-General USV
William G Grandin 44/50 Captain USA Died Aug 1863
Bennett H Hill 21/50 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Joseph Hooker 29/50 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Henry C Pratt 20/50 Major USV
Eliakim Parker Scammon 9/50 Brigadier-General USV
John Sedgwick 24/50 Major-General USV Killed Spotsylvania, Virginia, May 1864
John Blair Smith Todd 39/50 Brigadier-General USV
Edward D Townsend 16/50 / Colonel USV
Israel Vogdes 11/50 Brigadier-General USV
Thomas Williams 12/50 Brigadier-General USV Killed Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 1862
Samuel Woods 36/50 Major USA Paymaster
Francis O Wyse 43/50 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1838:
William Austime 25/45 Major USA
William Farquhar Barry 17/45 Brigadier-General USV
Buckner Board 10/45 / Colonel USV
Langdon C Easton 22/45 / Colonel USV
Robert Seaman Granger 28/45 Brigadier-General USV
Irvin McDowell 23/45 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Justus McKinstry 40/45 Brigadier-General USV Dismissed January 1863
William A Nicholls 19/45 / Colonel USV
Owen P Ransom 29/45 / Colonel USV
Charles F Ruff 44/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Andrew Jackson Smith 36/45 Major-General USV

USMA Class of 1839:
Henry S Burton 9/31 / Colonel USA
Edward Richard Sprigg Canby 30/31 Major-General USV
Franklin D Callender 8/31 Major USA
Samuel Kennedy Dawson 22/31 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Augustus A Gibson 23/31 / Colonel USA
Henry Wager Halleck 3/31 Major-General USA
Joseph Abel Haskin 10/31 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Jackson Hunt 19/31 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Bethel Judd 14/31 Major USA
Edward Otho Cresap Ord 17/31 Major-General USV
Eleazer Arthur Paine 24/31 Brigadier-General USV
James Brewerton Ricketts 16/31 Brigadier-General USV
Isaac Ingalls Stevens 1/31 Major-General USV Killed Chantilly, Virginia, 1862
George Thom 7/31 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1840:
James N Caldwell 25/42 Major USA
Stephen D Carpenter 35/42 Major USA Killed Stones River, Tennessee, December 1862
Francis N Clark 11/42 Major USA
John W T Gardiner 26/42 Major USA
George Washington Getty 15/42 Major-General USV
William Hays 18/42 Brigadier-General USV
Charles Peeble Kingsbury 2/42 / Colonel USV
Pinckney Lugenbeel 2/42 Major USA
John McNutt 3/42 Major USA Ordnance
Oliver L Shepherd 33/42 / Colonel USA
William Tecumseh Sherman 6/42 Major-General USA & Major-General USV
George Henry Thomas 12/42 Major-General USA & Major-General USV
Stewart Van Vliet 9/42 Brigadier-General USV
Henry D Wallen 34/42 Major USA
Henry Whiting 17/42 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1841:
Harvey A Allen 15/50 Major USA
John Beardsley 36/50 / Colonel USV
Andrew W Bowman 40/50 Major USA
John Milton Brannan 23/50 Brigadier-General USV
William Thomas Harbaugh Brooks 46/50 Major-General USV
Don Carlos Buell 32/50 Major-General USV
Alexander C H Darne 45/50 Major Maryland Militia
Franklin F Flint 35/50 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Julius P Garesché 16/50 / Lieutenant-Colonel Killed Stone’s River, Tennessee, December 1862
Schuyler Hamilton 24/50 Major-General USV
Albion Parris Howe 8/50 Major-General USV
John Love 14/50 Major USV Major-General Indiana Militia
Nathaniel Lyon 11/50 Brigadier-General USV Killed Wilson’s Creek. Missouri
Anderson D Nelson 43/50 Major USA
Joseph Bennett Plummer 22/50 Brigadier-General USV Died of Wounds 1862
John Fulton Reynolds 26/50 Major-General USV Killed Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Israel Bush Richardson 38/50 Major-General USV Mortally wounded Antietam, Maryland
Thomas J Rodman 7/50 Major USA Ordnance
Alfred Sully 34/50 Brigadier-General USV
James Totten 25/50 Brigadier-General Missouri Militia
Zealous Bates Tower 1/50 Superintendent of USMA1864 Brigadier-General USV
Amiel Weeks Whipple 5/50 Major-General USV Mortally wounded Chancellorsville, Virginia
Horatio Gouverneur Wright 2/50 Major-General USV

USMA Class of 1842:
James W Abert 55/56 Major USA
Barton S Alexander 7/56 Major USA Engineers
Alexander G Beckwith 13/56 / Colonel USV
James G Benton 11/56 Major USA Ordnance
Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana 29/56 Major-General USV
Abner Doubleday 24/56 Major-General USV
Henry Lawrence Eustis 1/56 Brigadier-General USV
Samuel B Hayman 51/56 / Colonel USV
John Hillhouse 20/56 Captain USV
Charles D Jordan 44/56 Major USA
Charles L Kilburg 22/56 Major USA Commissary
Ralph W Kirkham 37/56 Major USA Quartermaster
John D Kurtz 4/56 Major USA Engineers
Theodore T S Laidley 6/56 Major USA Ordnance
John S McCalmont 32/56 / Colonel USV
John Newton 2/56 Major-General USV
John Pope 17/56 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
William Starke Rosecrans 5/56 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Joseph Stewart 18/56 Captain USA
George Sykes 39/56 Major-General USV
Seth Williams 23/56 Brigadier-General USV

USMA Class of 1843:
Christopher Columbus Augur 16/39 Major-General USV
Henry F Clarke 12/39 / Colonel USV
Frederick Tracy Dent 33/39 Brigadier-General USV
William Buell Franklin 1/39 Major-General USV
Ulysses Simpson Grant 21/39 Lieutenant-General USA & Major-General USA
Charles Smith Hamilton 26/39 Major-General USV
James Allen Hardie 11/39 / Colonel USV
Rufus Ingalls 32/56 Brigadier-General USV
Henry Moses Judah 35/39 Brigadier-General USV
John C McFerran 34/39 / Colonel USV
John James Peck 8/39 Major-General USV
Joseph Haydn Potter 22/39 Brigadier-General USV
Isaac Ferdinand Quinby 6/39 Brigadier-General USV
William F Raynolds 5/39 / Colonel USV
Joseph Jones Reynolds 10/39 Major-General USV
Henry R Selden 31/39 / Colonel USV Died, Fort Union, New Mexico Territory February 1865
Frederick Steele 30/39 Major-General USV

USMA Class of 1844:
Asher R Eddy 5/25 Captain USA Quartermaster
Winfield Scott Hancock 18/25 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Alexander Hays 20/25 Brigadier-General USV Killed Wilderness, Virginia, May 1864
Alfred Pleasonton 7/25 Major-General USV
Joseph H Whittlesey 2/25 Major USA

USMA Class of 1845:
George Pearce Andrews 15/42 Captain USA
Josiah H Carlisle 9/42 Captain USA
Henry B Clitz 36/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
John Wynn Davidson 27/42 Brigadier-General USV
De Lancey Floyd-Jones 45/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Gordon Granger 35/42 Major-General USV
John Porter Hatch 17/42 Brigadier-General USV
Edward B Hunt 2/42 Major USA Killed October 1863
Thomas Gamble Pitcher 40/42 Brigadier-General USV
Fitz John Porter 8/42 Major-General USV
David Allen Russell 38/42 Brigadier-General USV Killed Opequon, Virginia
Delos B Sackett 32/42 / Colonel USA
William Farrar Smith 4/42 Major-General USV
Charles Pomeroy Stone 7/42 Brigadier-General USV
Thomas John Wood 5/42 Major-General USV
William Wood 37/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA

USMA Class of 1846:
Charles E Blunt 3/59 Major USA
Edward Carlisle Boynton 12/59 Captain USA
Darius Nash Couch 13/59 Major-General USV
Nelson H Davis 49/59 / Colonel USA
William Dutton 15/59 / Colonel USV Died 1862
Delancy Floyd-Jones 45/59 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
John Gray Foster 4/59 Major-General USV
Alfred Gibbs 42/59 Brigadier-General USV
Charles Champion Gilbert 21/59 Brigadier-General USV
George Henry Gordon 43/59 Brigadier-General USV
Albert L Magilton 18/59 / Colonel USV
George Brinton McClellan 2/59 Major-General USA
Frederick Myers 44/59 Major USA
James Oakes 34/59 Brigadier-General USV
Innis Newton Palmer 38/59 Brigadier-General USV
Jesse Lee Reno 8/59 Major-General USV Mortally wounded South Mountain, Maryland, 1862
Richard Rush 26/59 / Colonel USV
Truman Seymour 19/59 Brigadier-General USV
Marcus D L Simpson 22/59 Major USA
Matthew R Stevenson 51/59 Captain USA Died Sackett’s Harbor, New York, January 1863
Charles Seaforth Stewart 1/59 Major USA Engineers
George Stoneman 33/59 Major-General USV
Samuel Davis Sturgis 32/59 Brigadier-General USV
Parmenas T Turnley 40/59 Captain USV Retired 1863
Joseph N G Whistler 47/59 / Colonel USV
John D Wilkins 46/59 Major USA

USMA Class of 1847:
Romeyn Beck Ayres 22/38 Brigadier-General USV
Clermont Best 21/38 Captain USA
Henry M Black 24/38 / Colonel USV
Edward D Blake 37/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
William Wallace Burns 28/38 Major-General USV
Ambrose Everett Burnside 18/38 Major-General USV
James Barnet Fry 14/38 Brigadier-General USV Provost Marshal General 1864
Samuel Chalfin 7/38 Captain USA
John Dickerson 11/38 Captain USA Resigned 1864
John Gibbon 20/38 Major-General USV
Horatio Gates Gibson 17/38 / Colonel USV
Charles Griffin 23/38 Major-General USV
John Hamilton 2/38 Captain USA
George W Hazzard 5/38 / Colonel USV Mortally wounded, White Oak Swamp, Virginia, 1862
Henry B Hendershott 25/38 Captain USA Retired 1864
Lewis Cass Hunt 33/38 Brigadier-General USV
John Sanford Mason 9/38 Brigadier-General USV
Julian McAllister 4/38 Captain USA Ordnance
Tredwell Moore 26/38 Captain USA
Thomas Hewson Neill 27/38 Brigadier-General USV
Peter Plympton 35/38 Major USA
Augustus H Seward 34/38 Major USA
John C Symmes 1/38 Captain USA Retired November 1861
Otis H Tillinghast 13/38 Captain USV Mortally wounded Bull Run, Virginia, 1861
Daniel T Van Buren 6/38 / Colonel USV
Egbert Ludovicus Viele 30/38 Brigadier-General USV
Orlando Bolivar Wilcox 8/38 Brigadier-General USV
Joseph J Woods 3/38 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1848:
John Buford 16/38 Major-General USV Died 1863
Joseph C Clark 9/38 Captain USA Retired 1864
Richard I Dodge 19/38 Major USA
James C Duane 3/38 Captain USA Engineers
George W Howland 38/38 Major USA
Daniel Huston 35/38 / Colonel USV
Thomas D Johns 32/38 / Colonel USV
Nathaniel H McLean 27/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Nathaniel Michler 7/38 Major USA Engineers
A Galbraith Miller 28/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV Resigned March 1862
Charles H Ogle 29/38 Major USV Died March 1863
Grier Tallmadge 20/38 Captain USA Died Fort Monroe, Virginia October 1862
John C Tidball 11/38 / Colonel USV
Robert S Williamson 5/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA Engineers

USMA Class of 1849:
Absalom Baird 9/43 Brigadier-General USV
Stephen V Benét 3/43 Captain USA
Milton Cogswell 11/43 / Colonel USV
Beekman Du Berry 7/43 Major USA
Thomas English 36/43 Major USA
Quincy Adams Gillmore 1/43 Major-General USV
Samuel B Holabird 31/43 / Colonel USV
Edward McK Hudson 22/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Richard W Johnson 30/43 Brigadier-General USV
John Kellogg 16/43 / Colonel USV
James B Roy 43/43 Major USA
William H Lewis 15/43 Major USA
Louis H Marshall 41/43 Major USA
Joseph M McArthur 37/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Daniel McClure 21/43 Major USA
Chauncey McKeever 14/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
John Grubb Parke 2/43 Major-General USV
Delavan D Perkins 8/43 Major USA Died Washington, District of Columbia, January 1865
Edward R Platt 13/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Rufus Saxton 18/43 Brigadier-General USV
William Silvey 6/43 Captain USA
Washington C Tevis 24/3 / Colonel USV Discharged July 1864
Joseph L Tidball 26/43 Captain USA Retired November 1861

USMA Class of 1850:
John W Alley 32/44 Captain USA Dismissed October 1863
Richard Arnold 13/44 Brigadier-General USV
Henry C Bankhead 35/44 Captain USA
Francis S Bates 23/44 Captain USA Retired 1863
Amos Beckwith 21/44 / Colonel USV
William Passmore Carlin 20/44 Brigadier-General USV
Eugene Asa Carr 19/44 Brigadier-General USV
Silas Crispin 3/44 Captain USA Ordnance
Frederick M Follett 43/44 Captain USA
Cuvier Grover 4/44 Brigadier-General USV
Jonas P Holliday 24/44 / Colonel USV Died Strasburg, Virginia, February 1862
Robert MacFeely 31/44 Major USV Oscar A Mack 8/44 Major USA
Elisha Marshall 25/44 / Colonel USV
Frederick E Prime 1/44 Major USA Engineers
Adam Jacoby Slemmer 12/44 Brigadier-General USV
Gouverneur Kemble Warren 2/44 Major-General USV
Joseph H Wheelock 6/44 / Colonel USV Died Washington, DC, April 1862
James H Wilson 34/44 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Powell T Wyman 5/44 / Colonel USV Killed Glendale, Virginia, 1862

USMA Class of 1851:
Thomas Jonathan Coffin Amory 30/42 Brigadier-General USV Died New Bern, North Carolina 1864
George Leonard Andrews 1/42 Brigadier-General USV
George Thatcher Balch 3/42 Captain USA Ordnance
Adolphus F Bond 35/42 Captain USA
Gurden Chapin 25/42 Major USA
James Curtiss 26/42 Captain USA
John Edwards 15/42 Captain USV
Kenner Garrard 8/42 Brigadier-General USV
Alvan Cullem Gillem 11/42 Brigadier-General USV
James B Greene 41/42 Lieutenant USA Died Fort Hamilton, New York, June 1861
Henry C Hodges 32/42 Captain USA Quartermaster
Roger Jones 34/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
John C Kelton 26/42 / Colonel USV
Henry E Maynadier 17/42 / Colonel USV
Alexander McRae 23/42 Captain USV Killed Valverde, New Mexico Territory, February 1862
John Mendenhall 20/42 Major USV
Albert J S Molinard 16/42 Captain USA
Isaiah N Moore 14/42 Captain USA Died, Fort Craig, New Mexico Territory, January 1862
William Hopkins Morris 27/42 Brigadier-General USV
James St Clair Morton 2/42 Brigadier-General USV
Charles E Norris 24/42 Captain USA
Robert E Patterson 29/42 / Colonel USV
Alexander J Perry 13/42 / Colonel USV
Alexander Piper 5/42 / Colonel USV
Hyatt C Ransom 22/42 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
James Thompson 6/42 Captain USA
Joseph G Tilford 40/42 Captain USA
Charles Henry Tompkins -/42 / Colonel USV
William Denison Whipple 31/42 Brigadier-General USV Killed Petersburg, Virginia, June 1864
Robert Williams 19/42 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1852:
Thomas Lincoln Casey 1/43 Major USA Engineers
George Crook 38/43 Major-General USV
Henry Douglass 31/43 Captain USA
Andrew W Evans 26/43 / Colonel USV
Hugh Brady Fleming 29/43 Captain USA
George Lucas Hartsuff 19/43 Major-General USV
Milo Smith Hascall 14/43 Brigadier-General USV
John Parker Hawkins 40/43 Brigadier-General USV
August Valentin Kautz 35/43 Brigadier-General USV
Lyman M Kellogg 37/43 Captain USA
Alexander McDowell McCook 30/43 Major-General USV
George H Mendell 3/43 Major USA Engineers
John Mullan 15/43 Captain USA
William Myers 32/43 / Colonel USV
John D O’Connell 27/43 Captain USA
Edwin D Phillips 41/43 Captain USA Died New Orleans, Louisiana, November 1862
Marshall T Polk 23/43 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Henry Warner Slocum 7/43 Major-General USV
David Sloane Stanley 9/43 Major-General USV
Peter T Swaine 24/43 / Colonel USV
John W Todd 6/43 Captain USA Ordnance
James Van Vost 8/43 Major USA
George A Williams 34/43 Captain USA
Lawrence A Williams 36/43 Major USA Dismissed March 1863
Charles Robert Woods 20/43 Brigadier-General USV

USMA Class of 1853:
George Bell 14/52 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA
Matthew M Blunt 8/52 Captain USA
Alexander Chambers 43/52 Brigadier-General USV
William Craig 52/52 Captain USA Quartermaster
William Price Craighill 2/52 Captain USA Engineers
Benjamin F Chamberlin 27/52 Major USV
John G Chandler 21/52 Captain USA
Richard C Duryea 20/52 / Colonel USV
William M Dye 32/52 / Colonel USV
John H Edson 28/52 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Thomas Hight 9/52 / Colonel USV
Robert F Hunter 46/52 Lieutenant USA Cashiered November 1861
Walworth Jenkins 23/52 Captain USA
Edmund C Jones 42/52 Captain USA Cashiered July 1862
Alfred E Latimer 38/52 Captain USA
La Rhett L Livingston 19/52 Captain USA
William W Lowe 30/52 / Colonel USV
James McIntyre 49/52 Captain USA
James Birdseye McPherson 1/52 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Elmer Otis 37/52 Major USA
Louis H Pelouze 17/52 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Augustus Plummer 48/52 Captain USA
John McAllister Schofield 7/52 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Philip Henry Sheridan 34/52 Major-General USA & Major-General USV
Francis J Shunk 5/52 Captain USA Ordnance
Joshua Woodrow Sill 3/52 Brigadier-General USV Killed Stones River, Tennessee, December 1862
Benjamin Franklin Smith 39/52 / Colonel USV
William Sooy Smith 6/52 Brigadier-General USV
Nelson Bowman Sweitzer 24/52 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Henry C Symonds 12/52 Major USA
Robert Ogden Tyler 22/52 Brigadier-General USV
Thomas R Vincent 11/52 Major USA
William A Webb 35/52 / Colonel USV Died Smithton, Missouri, December 1861
Thomas Wilson 29/52 Captain USA
James L White 25/52 Major USV

USMA Class of 1854:
Henry Larcom Abbot 2/46 / Colonel USV
Judson D Bingham 9/46 Captain USV
Zenas R Bliss 41/46 / Colonel USV
David H Brotherton 44/46 Captain USA
Milton T Carr 18/46 Captain USA
Henry W Closson 8/46 Captain USA
Benjamin F Davis 32/46 Brigadier-General USV Killed Brandy Station, Virginia, June 1863
John W Greble 21/46 Lieutenant USA Killed Big Bethel, Virginia, June 1861
Oliver Davis Greene 26/46 Major USA
George A Gordon 30/46 Captain USA
David E Hancock 35/46 Captain USA
Oliver Otis Howard 4/46 Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV
Loomis Langdon 20/46 Captain USA
John McCleary 46/46 Captain USV
Michael R Morgan 16/46 Captain USA
Edgar O’Connor 42/46 / Colonel USV Killed Groveton, Virginia, August 1862
Thomas Howard Ruger 3/46 Brigadier-General USV
Henry A Smalley 23/46 / Colonel USV
John R Smead 15/46 Captain USA Killed Bull Run, Virginia, August 1862
Charles G Sawtelle 38/46 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Edwin Franklin Townsend 28/46 Captain USA
Thomas J Treadwell 5/46 Captain USA
Charles N Turnbull 6/46 Captain USA
Stephen Hinsdale Weed 27/46 Brigadier-General USV Killed Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863

USMA Class of 1855:
William Woods Averell 26/34 Brigadier-General USV
Clarence E Bennett 25/34 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Samuel Breck 7/34 Major USA
Timothy M Bryan 27/34 / Colonel USV
Albert B Colburn 17/34 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV Died St Louis, Missouri, June 1863
Cyrus B Comstock 1/34 Captain USA Engineers
John Van Dusen Du Bois 10/34 / Colonel USV
George H Elliott 4/34 Captain USA Engineers
Henry W Freedley 29/34 Lieutenant USA
Ebenezer Gay 6/34 Captain USA
David McMurtrie Gregg 8/34 Brigadier-General USV
Edward L Hartz 24/34 Captain USA
William Babcock Hazen 28/34 Major-General USV
Henry M Lazelle 30/34 / Colonel USV
Lewis Merrill 20/34 / Colonel USV
William Russell Pease 31/34 / Colonel USV
Michael P Small 11/34 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Charles W Thomas 22/34 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert 21/34 Brigadier-General USV
John Wesley Turner 14/34 Brigadier-General USV
Alexander Stewart Webb 13/34 Brigadier-General USV
James Wheeler 18/34 Captain USA Cashiered May 1862
Junius B Wheeler 5/34 Captain USA Engineers
Godfrey Weitzel 2/34 Major-General USV

USMA Class of 1856:
Guilford D Bailey 17/49 / Colonel USV Killed Fair Oaks, Virginia, May 1862
Edmund C Bainbridge 20/49 Major USV
John W Barringer 13/49 Major USA Commissary
George Dashiell Bayard 11/49 Brigadier-General USV Mortally wounded, Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 1862
Herman Biggs 35/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel Quartermaster
Samuel Sprigg Carroll 44/49 Brigadier-General USV
Herbert M Enos 48/49 / Colonel USV Quartermaster
William T Gentry 36/49 Captain USA
Jeremiah H Gilman 24/49 Captain USA
Henry V De Hart 5/49 Captain USA Mortally wounded, Gaines’ Mill, Virginia, June 1862
James William Forsyth 28/49 / Brigadier-General USV
Herbert A Hascall 8/49 Captain USA
David C Houston 2/49 Major USV Engineers
J McLean Hildt 46/49 Captain USA
William B Hughes 43/49 Captain USA
Richard Lodor 22/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Lorenzo Lorain 14/49 Captain USA
Robert S C Lord 40/49 Captain USA
Miles D McAlester 3/49 Captain USA Engineers
James McMillan 42/49 Captain USA
Thomas E Miller 25/49 Lieutenant USA Retired 1862
John K Mizner 33/49 / Colonel USV
Wesley Owens 16/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Orlando Metcalf Poe 6/49 Brigadier-General USV
A Parker Porter 9/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA Quartermaster & Commissary
John F Ritter 32/49 / Colonel USV
William Price Sanders 41/49 Brigadier-General USV Mortally wounded Campbell’s Station, Tennessee, November 1863
John Brognard Shinn 18/49 Captain USA
George W Snyder 1/49 Lieutenant USA Died November 1861
Charles B Stivers 26/49 Captain USA Retired 1864
Thomas Crook Sullivan 12/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USA Commissary
Joseph H Taylor 31/49 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Francis Laurens Vinton 10/49 Brigadier-General USV
Thomas W Walker 29/49 Captain USA Retired 1863

USMA Class of 1857:
Thomas Baylor 7/38 Captain USA Ordnance
Francis Beach 16/38 / Colonel USV
Ira W Claflin 27/38 Captain USA
Edward J Conner 33/38 Captain USA
Joseph S Conrad 32/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Charles E Farrand 36/38 Captain USA
George A Kensel 10/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Charles Hale Morgan 12/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
John C Palfrey 1/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV Engineers
Haldiman S Putnam 8/38 / Colonel USV Killed Fort Wagner, South Carolina, July 1863
George Ryan 34/38 / Colonel USV Killed Spotsylvania, Virginia, May 1864
Marcus Reno 20/38 / Colonel USV
Henry M Robert 4/38 Captain USA Engineers
Augustus G Robinson 18/38 Captain USA Quartermaster
William Sinclair 17/38 / Colonel USV
J L Kirby Smith 6/38 / Colonel USV Mortally wounded Corinth, Mississippi, October 1862
George Crockett Strong 5/38 Major-General USV Mortally wounded Fort Wagner, South Carolina, July 1863
Charles J Walker 15/38 / Colonel USV
Edward R Warner 21/38 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
George H Weeks 23/38 Captain USA
Abram Wildrick 14/38 / Colonel USV

USMA Class of 1858:
George N Bascom 26/27 Captain USA Killed Valverde, New Mexico Territory, February 1862
William Bell 21/27 Captain USA
Asa Bacon Carey 20/27 Captain USA
Edward P Cressey 19/27 Captain USA
Royal T Frank 18/27 Captain USA
Oliver P Gooding 24/27 / Colonel USV
Charles Garrison Harker 16/27 Brigadier-General USV Killed Kennesaw, Georgia, June 1864
Charles H Ingraham 9/27 Captain USA
Samuel McKee 13/27 Captain USA Mortally wounded Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 1864
Marcus P Miller 8/27 Captain USA
William J L Nicodemus 23/27 / Colonel USV
William C Paine 1/27 Captain USA
Thomas Tannatt 7/27 / Colonel USV
James Judson Van Horn 14/27 Captain USA

USMA Class of 1859:
Allen L Anderson 16/22 / Colonel USV
Abraham K Arnold 21/22 Captain USA
Eugene Baker 12/22 Captain USA
Edward G Bush 8/22 Captain USA
Elias B Carling 10/22 Captain USA
Caleb H Carlton 18/22 / Colonel USV
Francis J Crilly 1522 Captain USA
Francis L Guenther 9/22 Captain USA
Norman J Hall 13/22 / Colonel USV~
Martin Davis Hardin 11/22 Brigadier-General USV
William E Merrill 1/22 / Colonel USV
Chauncey B Reese 4/22 Captain USA
Roderick Stone 14/22 Captain USA Mortally wounded, Valverde, New Mexico Territory, February 1862
Edwin Henry Stoughton 17/22 Brigadier-General USV
John J Upham 20/22 Captain USA
Orlando G Wagner 5/22 Lieutenant USA Mortally wounded, Yorktown, Virginia, April 1862
Henry A E Worth 22/22 Captain USA

USMA Class of 1860:
John Newman Andrews 33/41 Captain USA
Nicholas Bowen 4/41 Captain USA
Charles S Bowman 29/41 Captain USA
Samuel T Cushing 30/41 Captain USV
Theodore Edson 5/41 Captain USA
Sam Foster 17/41 / Colonel USV
Robert Hall 32/41 Captain USA
Cornelius Hook 10/41 Captain USA Died Key West, Florida, June 1864
Edward R Hopkins 15/41 Captain USA
William G Jones 25/41 / Colonel USV Killed Chickamauga, Georgia, September 1863
William Henry Jordan 35/41 / Colonel USV
Josiah H Kellogg 13/41 / Colonel USV
Martin V B Lewis 26/41 Lieutenant USA Died, Winchester, Virginia, June 1862
David D Lynn 16/41 Captain USA
Walter MacFarland 1/41 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Alexander C McWhorter / Colonel USV
James P Martin 23/41 Captain USA
Salem S Marsh 27/41 Captain USV Killed, Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 1 1863
Wesley Merritt 22/41 Brigadier-General USV
Lyman Mishler 37/41 Lieutenant USV Killed Valverde, New Mexico Territory, June 1862
Alexander C M Pennington 18/41 / Colonel USV
John S Poland 34/41 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Horace Porter 3/41 Brigadier-General USV
Albert M Powell 20/41 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Alanson M Randall 9/41 / Colonel USV
Alfred T Smith 21/41 / Colonel USV
John J Sweet 36/41 Lieutenant USV Killed Gaines’ Mill, Virginia, June 1862
John A Tardy 2/41 / Captain USA
George W Vanderbilt 39/41 Captain USA
James Harrison Wilson 6/41 / Major-General USV
John Moulder Wilson 12/41 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
James Meech Warner 40/41 Brigadier-General USV
James M Whittemore 8/41 Captain USA

USMA Class of May 1861:
Adelbert Ames 5/45 Brigadier-General USV
Orville E Babacock 3/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
John Barlow 14/45 Captain USA
Eugene Beaumont 32/45 Major USV
Samuel N Benjamin 12/45 Captain USV
Adelbert R Buffington 7/45 Captain USA
Charles E Cross 2/45 Captain USA Killed Fredericksburg, Virginia, June 1863
George Armstrong Custer Major-General USV
Francis A Davies 23/45 Captain USA
George W Dresser 19/45 Lieutenant USA
Henry A Du Pont 1/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Robert L Eastman 35/45 Captain USA
William A Elderkin 22/45 Captain USA
Campbell D Emory 38/45 Captain USA
Charles H Gibson 43/45 Captain USA
Erskine Gittings 30/45 Captain USA
Franklin Harwood 18/45 Captain USA
Henry C Hasbrouck 21/45 Lieutenant USA
Charles E Hazlett 15/45 Lieutenant USA Killed Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 2 1863
Henry Guy Vernor 27/45 / Colonel USV
Leroy L Janes 37/45 Captain USA
Jacob Ford Kent 31/45 / Lieutenant-Colonel USV
Henry W Kingsburg 4/45 / Colonel USV Mortally wounded Antietam, Maryland, September 1862
Edmund Kirby 10/45 Lieutenant USA Mortally wounded Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 1863
Hugh Judson Kilpatrick 17/45 Brigadier-General USV
Charles McKnight Leoser 20/45 / Colonel USV
Leonard Martin 33/45 / Colonel USV
James E McQuesten 39/45 Captain USA Killed Opequon, Virginia, September 19 1864
Henry Noble 36/45 Lieutenant USA
John S Poland 34/45 Captain USA
Jacob B Rawles 29/45 Lieutenant USA
Wright Rives 42/45 Captain USA
John L Rodgers 11/45 Captain USA
George O Sokalski 40/45 Captain USA
Jacob H Smyser 28/45 Captain USA
Sheldon Sturgeon 45/45 Captain USA
Emory Upton 8/45 Brigadier-General USV
Malbone F Watson 25/45 Captain USA
John B Williams 26/45 Captain USA Dismissed 186

Graduates of the USMA in Confederate Service during the Civil War

Note: Officers attaining General Officer grade in red; those attaining Major-General grade in red and bold; those attaining Lieutenant-General or General grade in gold

USMA Class of 1814:
Lewis Gustave De Russy Colonel PACS Died Grand Ecore, Louisiana. December 1864

USMA Class of 1815:
William H Chase Colonel Florida State Troops
Samuel Cooper General ACSA

USMA Class of 1817:
Richard B Lee Colonel CSA
Angus McDonald Colonel CSA Died January 1865 Richmond, Virginia

USMA Class of 1820:
John Henry Winder 11/30 Major-General PACS Died February 1865

USMA Class of 1821:
Charles Dimmock 5/24 Colonel PACS Chief of Ordnance died Richmond, Virginia October 1863

USMA Class of 1822:
Walter Gwynn 8/40 Brigadier-General Virginia Militia
Isaac Ridgeway Trimble 17/40 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1825:
Daniel Smith Donelson 5/37 Major-General PACS Died April 1863
Benjamin Huger 8/37 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1826:
John Archer 25/41 Captain PACS
Thomas Jefferson Cram 4/41 Colonel PACS
Francis L Dancy 10/41 CSA
John Breckinridge Grayson 22/41 Brigadier-General PACS Died October 1861
Albert Sidney Johnston 8/41 General ACSA Killed Shiloh 1862
Edward B White 9/41 Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1827:
James A J Bradford 4/38 Colonel PACS Ordnance
Gabriel James Rains 13/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Leonidas Polk 8/38 Lieutenant-General PACS

USMA Class of 1828:
Thomas Fenwick Drayton 28/33 Brigadier-General PACS
Joseph L Locke 8/33 Major PACS Died Savannah, Georgia, October 1864
Hugh Weedon Mercer 3/33 Brigadier-General PACS
Richard Tilghman 2/33 Lieutenant-Colonel Maryland Militia

USMA Class of 1829:
Albert Gallatin Blanchard 26/46 Brigadier-General PACS
Benjamin Stoddert Ewell 1/46 Colonel PACS
Theophilus Hunter Holmes 44/46 Lieutenant-General PACS
Joseph Eggleston Johnston 13/46 General ACSA
Robert Edward Lee 2/46 Superintendent of USMA 1852-1855 General ACSA

USMA Class of 1830:
Lloyd J Beall 25/42 Colonel PACS Commandant CS Marine Corps
Albert Taylor Bledsoe 16/42 Colonel PACS Assistant Secretary of War
Meriwether Lewis Clark 23/42 Colonel PACS
William C Heyward 26/42 Colonel PACS
John Bankhead Magruder 17/42 Major-General PACS
William Nelson Pendleton 3/42 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1831:
Albert Miller Lea 5/33 Colonel PACS
Lucius Bellinger Northrop 22/33 Colonel PACS
James S Williams 28/33 PACS

USMA Class of 1832:

Philip St George Cocke 6/45 Brigadier-General PACS Died December 1861
George Bibb Crittenden 26/45 Major-General PACS
Benjamin S Ewell 3/45 Colonel PACS
Richard G Fain 20/45 Colonel PACS
Richard Caswell Gatlin 35/45 Brigadier-General PACS
Humphrey Marshall 42/45 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1833:
J Lucius Davis 16/43 Colonel PACS
David Bullock Harris 7/43 Colonel PACS Died Charleston, South Carolina October 1864
Roswell W Lee 8/43 Colonel PACS
Abraham C Myers 32/43 Colonel PACS
Daniel Ruggles 34/43 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1834:
Robert TP Allen 5/35 Colonel PACS
James Cooper 17/35 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Charles A Fuller 10/35 Colonel PACS
Goode Bryan 25/35 Brigadier-General PACS
William T Stockton 8/35 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1835:
Peter C Gaillard 29/56 Colonel PACS
William Griffin 27/56 Colonel PACS
Hugh McLeod 56/56 Colonel PACS Died 1862
Larkin Smith 47/56 State Brigadier-General CSA
James M Wells 39/56 Colonel PACS
Jones Mitchell Withers 44/56 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1836:
Joseph Reid Anderson 4/49 Brigadier-General PACS
Danville Leadbetter 3/49 Brigadier-General PACS
Lloyd Tilghman 46/49 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Champion Hill, Mississippi, 1863
Christopher Q Tompkins 27/49 Colonel Virginia Militia

USMA Class of 1837:
Edmund Bradford 19/50 Major PACS
Braxton Bragg 5/50 General PACS
Robert Hall Chilton 48/50 Brigadier-General PACS
Jubal Anderson Early 18/50 Lieutenant-General PACS
Arnold Elzey (Jones) 33/50 Major-General PACS
Robert Tignall Jones 13/50 Colonel PACS Killed Fair Oaks, Virginia, May 1862
William Whann Mackall 8/50 Brigadier-General PACS
John Clifford Pemberton 27/50 Lieutenant-General PACS
Arthur Middleton Rutledge 32/50 Major PACS
William Henry Talbot Walker 46/50 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1838:
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard 2/45 Superintendent of USMA 1861 General ACSA
William R Blair 11/45 Major PACS
William Joseph Hardee 26/45 Lieutenant-General PACS
Milton Haynes 18/45 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Edward Johnson 32/45 Major-General PACS
Alexander Welch Reynolds 35/45 Brigadier-General PACS
Henry Hopkins Sibley 31/45 Brigadier-General PACS
Carter Littlepage Stevenson 42/45 Major-General PACS
James Heyward Trapier 3/45 Brigadier-General PACS
Henry Constantine Wayne 14/45 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1839:
Lewis Addison Armistead -/31 (dismissed 1836) Brigadier-General PACS
Jeremy Francis Gilmer 4/31 Major-General PACS
Alexander Robert Lawton 13/31 Brigadier-General PACS
Charles Wickliff 26/31 Colonel PACS Mortally wounded, Shiloh, Tennessee April 1862

USMA Class of 1840:
Reuben P Campbell 27/42 Colonel PACS Killed Gaines’ Mill, Virginia, June 1862
Richard Stoddert Ewell 13/42 Lieutenant-General PACS
William Gilham 5/42 Colonel PACS
Paul Octave Hébert 1/42 Brigadier-General PACS
Bushrod Rust Johnson 23/42 Major-General PACS
Thomas Jordan 41/42 Brigadier-General PACS
James Green Martin 14/42 Brigadier-General PACS
Robert Plunket Maclay 32/42 Brigadier-General PACS
John Porter McCown 10/42 Major-General PACS
William Steele 31/42 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1841:
Samuel S Anderson 18/50 Colonel PACS
Abraham Buford 51/50 Brigadier-General PACS
Sewall L Fremont 17/50 Colonel PACS
Richard Brooke Garnett 29/50 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1863
Robert Selden Garnett 27/50 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Carrick’s Ford, West Virginia, July 1861
Josiah Gorgas 6/50 Brigadier-General PACS
John Marshall Jones 39/50 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Wilderness, Virginia, May 1864
Samuel Jones 19/50 Major-General PACS
Edward Murray 1/50 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Claudius Wistar Sears 31/50 Brigadier-General PACS
Smith Stansbury 4/50 Major PACS Died Canada, April 1864

USMA Class of 1842:
Richard Heron Anderson 40/56 Lieutenant-General PACS
Daniel Harvey Hill 28/56 Lieutenant-General PACS
George W Lay 41/56 Colonel PACS
James Longstreet 54/56 Lieutenant-General PACS
Mansfield Lovell 9/56 Major-General PACS
Lafayette McLaws 48/56 Major-General PACS
Eugene McLean 47/56 Major PACS
George W Rains 3/56 Colonel PACS
Armistead T M Rust 31/56 Colonel PACS
Gustavus Woodson Smith 8/56 Major-General PACS
Martin Luther Smith 16/56 Major-General PACS
Alexander Peter Stewart 12/56 Lieutenant-General PACS
Earl Van Dorn 52/56 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1843:
Samuel Gibbs French 14/56 Major-General PACS
Franklin Gardner 17/39 Major-General PACS
Edmunds B Holloway 19/39 Colonel PACS, Killed Independence, Missouri, May 1861
Roswell Sabine Ripley 7/39 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1844:
Simon Bolivar Buckner 11/25 Lieutenant-General PACS
Daniel Marsh Frost 4/25 Brigadier-General PACS
Francis J Thomas 6/25 Colonel PACS Killed Bull Run, Virginia, July 1861

USMA Class of 1845:
Barnard Elliott Bee 33/42 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Bull Run, Virginia, July 1861
James Morrison Hawes 29/42 Brigadier-General PACS
Louis Hébert 3/42 Brigadier-General PACS
Richard C W Radford 31/42 Colonel PACS
Thomas G Rhett 6/42 Major PACS Brigadier-General South Carolina Militia
Edmund Kirby Smith 25/42 General PACS
William Henry Chase Whiting 1/42 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1846:
John Adams 25/59 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Franklin, Tennessee
John A Brown 16/59 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Birkett Davenport Fry -/59 Brigadier-General PACS
William Montgomery Gardner 55/59 Brigadier-General PACS
Thomas Jonathan Jackson 17/59 Lieutenant-General PACS Mortally wounded Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 1863
David Rumph Jones 41/59 Major-General PACS Died 1863
Dabney Herndon Maury 37/59 Major-General PACS
Samuel Bell Maxey 58/59 Major-General PACS
George Edward Pickett 59/59 Major-General PACS
William Duncan Smith 35/59 Brigadier-General PACS Died Charleston, South Carolina, 1862
Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox 54/59 Major-General PACS

USMA Class of 1847:
Daniel M Beltzhoover 12/38 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Henry Heth 38/38 Major-General PACS
Ambrose Powell Hill 15/38 Lieutenant-General PACS Killed Petersburg, Virginia, 1865

USMA Class of 1848:
William Nelson Rector Beall 30/38 Brigadier-General PACS
John C Booth 24/38 Captain PACS
Nathan George Evans 36/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Thomas K Jackson 25/38 Major PACS
William Edmonson Jones 10/38 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Mount Crawford, Virginia, 1864
William T Mechling 33/38 Major PACS
Thomas A Rhett 14/38 Colonel PACS
George Hume Steuart 37/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Walter Husted Stevens 4/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Charles H Tyler 23/38 Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1849:
Seth Maxwell Barton 28/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Alfred Cumming 35/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Johnson Kelly Duncan 5/43 Brigadier-General PACS Died Knoxville, Tennessee, December 1862
John Wesley Frazer 34/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Duff C Green 29/43 Quartermaster-General Alabama
Thomas J Haines 4/43 Colonel PACS
Charles William Field 27/43 Major-General PACS
Samuel Reynolds 42/43 Colonel PACS
Beverly Holcombe Robertson 25/43 Brigadier-General PACS
James McQueen McIntosh 43/43 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Pea Ridge, Arkansas, March 1862
John Calvin Moore 17/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Thornton A Washington 33/43 Major PACS
Thomas G Williams 32/43 PACS
John Withers 23/43 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1850:
Charles D Anderson -/44 Colonel PACS
Thomas Bingham 29/44 PACS
Achilles Bowen 10/44 PACS
William Lewis Cabell 33/44 Brigadier-General PACS
William R Calhoun 27/44 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS Killed September 1862
Robert G Cole 37/44 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
James R Corley 40/44 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Jacob Culbertson 7/44 Captain PACS
Robert Johnston 28/44 Colonel PACS
Armistead Lindsay Long 17/44 Colonel PACS
William T Magruder 11/44 Captain PACS Died Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3rd 1863
Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander Mouton 38/44 Brigadier-General PACS
N Bartlett Pearce 26/44 Brigadier-General Arkansas Militia
Robert Ransom 18/44 Major-General PACS
Donald C Stith 44/44 Colonel PACS
Lucius Marsh Walker 15/44 Brigadier-General PACS Mortally wounded September 1863
Charles Sidney Winder 22/44 Brigadier-General PACS Mortally wounded Cedar Mountain, Virginia, August 1862

USMA Class of 1851:
Laurence Simmons Baker 42/42 Brigadier-General PACS
Junius Daniel 33/42 Brigadier-General PACS Mortally wounded Spotsylvania, Virginia, May 1864
Benjamin Hardin Helm 9/42 Brigadier-General PACS Mortally wounded Chickamauga, Georgia, 1863
Caleb Huse 7/42 Major PACS
Edward A Palfrey 37/42 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
John T Shaaf 38/42 Captain PACS
Melancthon Smith 36/42 Colonel PACS
William T Welcker 4/42 Major PACS

USMA Class of 1852:
George Burgwyn Anderson 10/43 Brigadier-General PACS Mortally wounded Antietam, Maryland, 1862
Arthur Pendleton Bagby 36/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Richard V Bonneau 42/43 Major PACS
George Blake Cosby 17/43 Brigadier-General PACS
Matthew L Davis 21/43 Colonel PACS Died April 1862
Henry De Veuve 12/43 Captain PACS
John Horace Forney 22/43 Major-General PACS
John C Ives 5/43 Colonel PACS
Charles H Rundell 25/43 PACS 
Philip Stockton 33/43 Colonel PACS
Robert B Thomas 18/43 Brigadier-General Florida Militia

USMA Class of 1853:
Benjamin Allston 26/52 Colonel PACS
William Robertson Boggs 4/52 Brigadier-General PACS
John Stevens Bowen 13/52 Brigadier-General PACS Died 1863
John Randolph Chambliss 31/52 Colonel PACS
Henry Brevard Davidson 33/52 Brigadier-General PACS
John Bell Hood 44/52 General PACS
Thomas M Jones 47/52 Colonel PACS
Lucius L Rich 50/52 Colonel PACS Mortally wounded Shiloh, Tennessee, Died August 1862
Reuben Ross 51/52 Colonel PACS
James Argyle Smith 45/52 Brigadier-General PACS
William Rufus Terrill 16/52 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Perryville, Kentucky, 1862
Henry Harrison Walker 41/52 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1854:
James Deshler 7/46 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Chickamauga, Georgia, 1863
Archibald Gracie 14/46 Brigadier-General PACS Killed Petersburg, Virginia, December 1864
George Washington Custis Lee 1/46 Major-General PACS
Stephen Dill Lee 17/46 Lieutenant-General PACS
John T Mercer 40/46 Colonel PACS Killed Plymouth, North Carolina, April 1864
John Bailey Mullins 43/46 PACS
John Pegram 10/46 Major-General PACS Killed Hatcher’s Run, Virginia, 1865
William Dorsey Pender 19/46 Major-General PACS Mortally wounded Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863
Horace Randal 45/46 Colonel PACS Killed Jenkin’s Ferry, Arkansas, April 1864
Charles G Rogers 11/46 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Abner Smead 25/46 Colonel PACS
James Ewell Brown Stuart 13/46 Major-General PACS Killed Yellow Tavern, Virginia, 1864
John Bordenave Villepigue 22/46 Brigadier-General PACS Died 1862

USMA Class of 1855:
Frederick L Childs 9/34 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
John R Church 16/34 PACS
James Hoffman Hill 23/34 Major PACS
Robert C Hill 33/34 Colonel PACS
Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls 12/34 Brigadier-General PACS
George D Ruggles 19/34 Major PACS
Francis Asbury Shoup 15/34 Brigadier-General PACS

USMA Class of 1856:
Frank Armistead 34/49 Colonel PACS Killed Bentonville, North Carolina, March 1865
Arthur S Cunningham 48/49 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
George Jackson 30/49 Major PACS
William Hicks Jackson 38/49 Brigadier-General PACS
Charles Cochrane Lee 4/49 Colonel PACS Killed Glendale, Virginia, June 1862
Fitzhugh Lee 45/49 Major-General PACS
Lunsford Lindsay Lomax 21/49 Major-General PACS
Hylan Benton Lyon 19/49 Brigadier-General PACS
James Patrick Major 23/49 Brigadier-General PACS
Owen K McLemore 39/49 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS Killed South Mountain, Maryland, September 1862

USMA Class of 1857:
Edward Porter Alexander 3/38 Brigadier General PACS
Robert Huston Anderson 35/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Thomas J Berry 11/38 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Aurelius F Cone 28/38 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
George A Cunningham 25/38 Colonel PACS
Samuel Wragg Ferguson 19/38 Brigadier-General PACS
Oliver H Fish 13/38 PACS
George W Holt 31/38 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Manning M Kimmel 22/38 Lieutenant USA and Major PACS
Thomas J Lee 37/38 Lieutenant PACS and Private USV
John Sappington Marmaduke 30/38 Major-General PACS
Henry C McNeill 26/ 38 Colonel PACS
Richard Kidder Meade 2/38 Major PACS and USV Died Petersburg, Virginia, July 1862
Paul J Quattlebaum 29/38 Major PACS
Lafayette Peck 38/38 Lieutenant PACS Died Alabama, March 1864
William P Smith 9/38 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1858:
Richard Brewer 12/27 Major PACS Mortally wounded Piedmont, Virginia, June 1864
Joseph Dixon3/27 Captain PACS Killed Fort Donelson, Tennessee, February 1862
William H Echols 4/27 Major PACS
Andrew Jackson 15/27 Colonel PACS
James Hallonquist6/27 Colonel PACS
Leroy Napier 10/27 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
William G Robinson 25/27 Colonel PACS
John S Saunders 5/27 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Bryan Morel Thomas 22/27 Brigadier-General PACS
Moses J White 2/27 Colonel PACS
Solomon Williams 11/27 Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1859:
Robert F Beckham 6/22 Colonel PACS Mortally wounded, Columbia, Tennessee, December 1864
Charles R Collins 3/22 Captain PACS Killed, Todd’s Tavern, Virginia, May 1864
Samuel H Lockett 2/22 Major PACS
Joseph Wheeler 19/22 Major-General PACS
Moses H Wright 7/22 Colonel PACS

USMA Class of 1860:
Harold Borland 41/41 Major PACS
John D Burtwell 24/41 Colonel PACS
Wade Hampton Gibbs 28/41 Major PACS
Frank Huger 31/41 Colonel PACS
John M Kerr 19/41 PACS Died Yadkinsville, North Carolina, 1862
William W McCreery 11/41 Captain PACS Killed Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3 1863
Stephen Dodson Ramseur 14/41 Major-General PACS Killed Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 1864
Edward B D Riley 34/41 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Benjamin Sloane 7/41 Major PACS

USMA Class of May 1861:
Charles C Campbell 24/45 Major PACS
Nathaniel R Chambliss 9/45 Major PACS
Mathias W Henry 44/45 Major PACS
Llewellyn G Hoxton 6/45 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
Charles E Patterson 16/45 Lieutenant-Colonel PACS
John Pelham -/45 Major PACS Killed, Kelly’s Ford, Virginia, 1863
Olin F Rice 41/45 Colonel PACS Killed Opequon, Virginia September 19 1864


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