Organisations – Indexes

Organisations – Indexes

Territorial organisations are listed for all identified Military Divisions, Departments, Districts, Sub-Districts, and equivalents.
Field organisations are listed for identifiable Armies, Army Corps, and their equivalents.
The establishment, transfers, and discontinuation dates for each organisation are accompanied by the dates of commanders.
Pre-War organisations are described for both sides and post-war organisations for the Union,

These Lists make it possible to trace the evolution of commands during the pre-war, wartime, and post-war periods – following organisations by name, dates, type, level, and theatre location. There are also alphabetical and chronological lists of all known organisations.

Chronological Start and End Lists

These two lists are exceptionally useful as they make it possible to track the evolution of the High Command of the Union and Confederate armies.
In these lists, newly established or re-assigned Organisations are listed in Standard Font by their “from date” of existence.
Discontinued or re-assigned Organisations are listed and indented in Italic Font by their “to date” of existence.

Union All Commands by Start and End Dates – LINK

Confederate All Commands by Start and End Dates – LINK

Chronological Lists

These lists describe Organisations chronologically as Territorial and Field Commands by Start date.

Union Organisations Chronological Index – LINK

Confederate Organisations Chronological Index – LINK

Alphabetical Lists

These two lists describe Organisations alphabetically by Territorial and Field Commands.

Union Organisations Alphabetical Index – LINK

Confederate Organisations Alphabetical Index – LINK

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