1866 to 1869 Final Summary

1866 to 1869 Final Summary

Dissolution of the Union Army

USA. A Proclamation by the US President on 2 April 1866 stated formally that the “Insurrection in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida is at an end.” A subsequent Proclamation on 20 August 1866 pronounced the end of the insurrection in Texas.

USA: The US Army continued to contract in size as the volunteer forces were gradually demobilised. At the end of 1865, the Army was structured as follows:

General–in-Chief: Lieutenant-General USA Ulysses Simpson Grant

Military Division of the Atlantic: Major-General USA George Gordon Meade

  • Department of the East (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV Joseph Hooker
    • District of Western New York, East (Atlantic): Colonel Alexander Samuel Diven
  • Middle Department (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV Winfield Scott Hancock
  • Department of North Carolina (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV Thomas Hewson Ruger
    • District of Greensboro, North Carolina (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV & Commander USN Samuel Powhatan Carter
    • District of New Bern, North Carolina (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV Charles Jackson Paine
    • District of Raleigh, North Carolina (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV Adelbert Ames
  • Department of South Carolina (Atlantic): Major-General USV Daniel Edgar Sickles
  • Department of Virginia (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV Alfred Howe Terry
    • District of Fort Monroe, Virginia (Atlantic): Major-General USV Nelson Appleton Miles
    • District of Henrico, Virginia (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV John Wesley Turner
    • District of Northeastern Virginia, Virginia (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV Charles Devens
    • District of Southwestern Virginia, Virginia (Atlantic): Brigadier-General USV Newton Martin Curtis
    • District of Virginia, Virginia (Atlantic): Major-General USV Edward Otho Cresap Ord
      • Sub-District of the South Anna, Virginia (Atlantic): Colonel USV Alvin Coe Voris
  • Department of Washington (Atlantic): Major-General USV Christopher Columbus Augur
    • XXII Corps (Washington): Major-General USV Christopher Columbus Augur

Military Division of the Gulf: Major-General USA Philip Henry Sheridan

  • Department of Florida (Gulf): Major-General USV John Gray Foster
  • Department of Louisiana (Gulf): Major-General USV Edward Richard Sprigg Canby
  • Department of Texas (Gulf): Major-General USV Horatio Gouverneur Wright

Military Division of the Mississippi: Major-General USA William Tecumseh Sherman

  • Department of the Missouri (Mississippi): Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV John Pope
    • District of Minnesota, Missouri (Mississippi): Brigadier-General USV Henry Hastings Sibley
  • Department of the Ohio (Mississippi): Major-General USV Orlando Bolivar Willcox
  • Department of the Tennessee (Mississippi): Major-General USV George Stoneman

Military Division of the Pacific: Major-General USA Henry Wager Halleck

  • Department of California (Pacific): Brigadier-General USA & Major-General USV Irvin McDowell
  • Department of the Columbia (Pacific): Colonel Charles Swain Lovell

Military Division of the Tennessee: Major-General USA George Henry Thomas

  • Department of Alabama (Tennessee): Brigadier-General USV Charles Robert Woods
  • Department of Georgia (Tennessee): Major-General USV James Harrison Wilson
  • Department of Kentucky (Tennessee): Major-General USV John McAuley Palmer
  • Department of Mississippi (Tennessee): Major-General USV Thomas John Wood
    • Northern District of Mississippi, Mississippi (Tennessee): Major-General USV Peter Joseph Osterhaus
    • Southern District of Mississippi, Mississippi (Tennessee): Brigadier-General USV John Wynn Davidson
    • Western District of Mississippi, Mississippi (Tennessee): Brigadier-General USV Joseph Adalmorn Maltby

Demobilisation of the US Volunteers

On 1 January 1866, there were
53 Major-Generals of US Volunteers, of whom nine held concurrent commissions as Brigadier-General in the US Regular Army.
149 Brigadier-Generals of US Volunteers.
All but a few of these died (two), resigned, or were mustered out of service during 1866.

Union Generals 1 January 1866

Lieutenant-General USA

Ulysses Simpson Grant

Major-General USA

Henry Wager Halleck
William Tecumseh Sherman
George Gordon Meade
Philp Henry Sheridan
George Henry Thomas

Major-General USV

David Hunter
Ethan Allen Hitchcock
Irvin McDowell*
William Starke Rosecrans*
John Pope*
Samuel Ryan Curtis
Edward Otho Cresap Ord
Joseph Hooker*
John Gray Foster
John Grubb Parke
Christopher Columbus Augur
Gordon Granger
George Stoneman
Oliver Otis Howard*
Daniel Edgar Sickles
Winfield Scott Hancock*
George Sykes
David Sloane Stanley
John McAllister Schofield*
John McAuley Palmer
Frederick Steele
Joseph Jones Reynolds
Alfred Pleasonton
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys
James Blair Steedman
Edward Richard Sprigg Canby
Horatio Gouverneur Wright
Andrew Jackson Smith
Grenville Mellen Dodge
John Gibbon
Peter Joseph Osterhaus
Joseph Antony Mower
George Crook
Godfrey Weitzel
Jacob Dolson Cox
William Babcock Hazen
John White Geary
Alfred Howe Terry*
Thomas John Wood
Charles Griffin
George Armstrong Custer
Henry Eugene Davies
James Harrison Wilson
Gershom Mott
Benjamin Henry Grierson
Hugh Judson Kilpatrick
Wager Swayne
William Hemsley Emory
Robert Brown Potter
Nelson Appleton Miles
Alvan Cullem Gillem
Francis Fessenden
Giles Alexander Smith

Brigadier-General USA

(Irvin McDowell)
(William Starke Rosecrans)
Philip St George Cooke
(John Pope)
(Joseph Hooker)
(Winfield Scott Hancock)
(John McAllister Schofield)
(Oliver Otis Howard)
(Alfred Howe Terry)

Brigadier-General USV

Thomas West Sherman
Alpheus Starkey Williams
James Brewerton Ricketts
Orlando Bolivar Willcox
Henry Washington Benham
William Farquhar Barry
John Gross Barnard
Innis Newton Palmer
Seth Williams
John Newton
John Milton Brannan
John Porter Hatch
Albin Francisco Schoepf
Richard W Johnson
George Washington Cullum
Zealous Bates Tower
Jefferson Columbus Davis
James Henry Lane
William Scott Ketchum
John Wynn Davidson
Eugene Asa Carr
Robert Byington Mitchell
Rufus Saxton
Charles Devens
Samuel Wylie Crawford
Henry Walton Wessells
James Henry Carleton
Absalom Baird
John Cleveland Robinson
Henry Prince
John Curtis Caldwell
George Sears Greene
Samuel Powhatan Carter
Washington Lafayette Elliott
Albion Parris Howe
Benjamin Stone Roberts
Johann August Ernst Willich
Henry Jackson Hunt
George Washington Getty
Alfred Sully
Joseph Rodman West
William Hays
Israel Vogdes
Lewis Cass Hunt
Frank Wheaton
John Sanford Mason
Robert Ogden Tyler
Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert
William Dwight
John Eugene Smith
John Haskell King
Thomas Gamble Pitcher
Romeyn Beck Ayres
Michael Kelly Lawler
John Dunlap Stevenson
James Barnes
Samuel Beatty
Thomas Howard Ruger
Thomas Church Haskell Smith
Davis Tillson
Hugh Boyle Ewing
George Jerrison Stannard
Charles Thomas Campbell
Henry Hastings Sibley
Joseph Jackson Bartlett
Patrick Edward Connor
John Parker Hawkins
Gabriel René Paul
Edward Augustus Wild
Adelbert Ames
Daniel Henry Rucker
Robert Allen
Rufus Ingalls
Alexander Stewart Webb
Wesley Merritt
William Denison Whipple
Charles Robert Woods
John Benjamin Sanborn
Jasper Adalmorn Maltby
Thomas Kilby Smith
Walter Quintin Gresham
Manning Ferguson Force
John Murray Corse
John Wesley Turner
Augustus Louis Chetlain
Philippe Régis Dénis de Keredern De Trobriand
Christopher Columbus Andrews
Edward Moody McCook
Edward Hatch
August Valentine Kautz
John Rutter Brooke
John Frederick Hartranft
Samuel Sprigg Carroll
Emory Upton
Selden Connor
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
William Francis Bartlett
Martin Davis Hardin
Charles Jackson Paine
Gustavus Adolphus De Russy
John Baillie McIntosh
George Henry Chapman
Joseph Alexander Cooper
John Wilson Sprague
Charles Carroll Walcutt
Joseph Abel Haskin
James Deering Fessenden
Eli Long
Thomas Wilberforce Egan
Joseph Roswell Hawley
Isaac Hardin Duval
John Edwards
Thomas Casimer Devin
Alfred Gibbs
Ranald Slidell Mackenzie
James Richard Slack
Thomas John Lucas
George Lafayette Beal
Henry Goddard Thomas
Cyrus Hamlin
Robert Kingston Scott
Benjamin Franklin Potts
Newton Martin Curtis
Galusha Pennypacker
Charles John Stolbrand
Stewart Van Vliet
Thomas Maley Harris
Frederick Tracy Dent
Joseph Haydn Potter
James Sanks Brisbin
James Meech Warner
Lewis Baldwin Parsons
Oliver Edwards
Joseph Eldridge Hamblin
William Wells
Richard Henry Jackson
James William Forsyth
Charles Hale Morgan
Henry Alanson Barnum
Americus Vespucius Rice
William Burnham Woods
William Thomas Clark
Robert Francis Catterson
William Henry Penrose
Francis Trowbridge Sherman
Samuel Emerson Opdycke
William Gamble
Louis Douglass Watkins
Charles Henry Van Wyck
William Badger Tibbits

Brigadier-General USA (Staff)

Montgomery Cunningham Meigs (Quartermaster-General)
Lorenzo Thomas
George Douglas Ramsay
James Barnet Fry (Provost Marshal)
Richard Delafield (Engineers)
Joseph Holt (Judge Advocate-General)
Amos Beebe Eaton (Commissary-General of Subsistence)
Joseph K Barnes (Surgeon-General)
Alexander Brydie Dyer (Ordnance
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys (Engineers)

Three Major-Generals USV terminated their service in the US Volunteers in 1867 and two more in 1868. The last one departed in 1869, retaining his concurrent rank in the US Regular Army.

There was some evolution in the General Officers of the US Regular Army to adapt to post-war requirements. By the end of 1869, there were only 15 line General Officers and 7 staff General Officers:

General USA 1
Lieutenant-General USA 1
Major-General USA 5
Brigadier-General USA 8
Brigadier-General USA (Staff) 7.

1866 Changes in General Officers

1 January: Major-Generals USV J D Cox and H E Davies resigned, and H J Kilpatrick mustered out; Brigadier-General USV S E Opdycke resigned.

4 January: Brigadier-General USV J R West mustered out

8 January: Major-General USV J H Wilson mustered out

9 January: Brigadier-General USV H A Barnum resigned

15 January: Major-Generals USV W H Emory, J W Geary, J Gibbon, G Granger, C Griffin, W B Hazen, D Hunter, P J Osterhaus, J G Parke, A Pleasonton, R B Potter, W S Rosecrans, A J Smith, and G Sykes mustered out; Brigadier-Generals USV C C Andrews, J G Barnard, J Barnes, W F Barry, J J Bartlett, G L Beal, S Beatty, H W Benham, J S Brisbin, J C Caldwell, C T Campbell. E A Carr, S S Carroll, S P Carter, R F Catterson, J L Chamberlain, A L Chetlain, M H Chrysler, J A Cooper, S W Crawford, N M Curtis, J W Davidson, G A De Russy, P R D de K de Trobriand, T C Devin, I H Duval, W Dwight, J Edwards, O Edwards, T W Egan, H B Ewing, J D Fessenden, M F Force, J W Forsyth, J E Hamblin, C Hamlin, M D Hardin, J F Hartranft, E Hatch, J P Hatch, J R Hawley, W Hays, L C Hunt, R W Johnson MO, A V Kautz, J H King, M K Lawler, E Long, T J Lucas, R S Mackenzie, J A Maltby, E M McCook, C H Morgan, C J Paine, I N Palmer, W H Penrose, J H Potter, B F Potts, A V Rice, B S Roberts, R Saxton, A F Schoepf, F T Sherman, J R Slack, T C H Smith, T K Smith, J D Stevenson, C J Stolbrand, H G Thomas, W B Tibbits, A T A Torbert, Z B Tower, R O Tyler, C H Van Wyck, I Vogdes, C C Walcutt, J M Warner, A S Webb, W Wells, H W Wessells, W D Whipple, O B Willcox, A S Williams, and J A E Von Willich mustered out. 

27 January: Brigadier-General USV G H Chapman resigned

31 January: Brigadier-Generals USV J A Dewey and J Newton mustered out

1 February: Major-General USV G A Custer, J A Mower, Giles A Smith, and D S Stanley mustered out; Brigadier-General USV J R Brooke resigned, W T Clark, A Gibbs, J P Hawkins, R H Jackson, W Merritt mustered out.

17 February: Brigadier-General USV W B Woods mustered out

20 February: Major-General USV G Mott resigned

1 March: Major-General USV G Weitzel mustered out; Brigadier-General USV W L Elliott mustered out. 

13 March: Brigadier-General USV W Gamble mustered out

23 March: Brigadier-General USV S Williams died

7 April: Brigadier-General USV S Connor mustered out

30 April: Major-Generals USV S R Curtis and B H Grierson mustered out; Brigadier-General USV G Pennypacker resigned; Brigadier-Generals USV A Ames, R B Ayres, J H Carleton, P E Connor, J M Corse, F T Dent, G S Greene, W Q Gresham, T M Harris, J A Haskin, H J Hunt, W S Ketchum, J S Mason MO, J B McIntosh, L B Parsons, W G Pitcher, H Prince, J B Ricketts, J B Sanborn, T W Sherman, H H Sibley, J E Smith, A Sully, E Upton, and F Wheaton mustered out.

1 May: W Swayne confirmed Major-General USV to rank from 20 June 1865

30 May: Major-General USV G M Dodge resigned

31 May: R F Catterson promoted Major-General USV to rank from 31 May 1865
Brigadier-General USV J M Brannan mustered out. 

2 June: Brigadier-General USV C Devens mustered out

8 June: Brigadier-General USA (Staff) G D Ramsay retired from US Regular Army

28 June: Brigadier-General USV G J Stannard resigned

11 July: Brigadier-General USV J H Lane died

15 July: Brigadier-Generals USV A P Howe and R B Mitchell mustered out

18 July: Brigadier-General USV W F Bartlett mustered out

25 July: U S Grant promoted General USA, W T Sherman promoted Lieutenant-General USA, D G Farragut promoted Admiral USN

26 July: E O C Ord promoted Brigadier-General USA; W S Hancock promoted Major-General USA.

28 July: E R S Canby promoted Brigadier-General USA; B W Brice promoted Brigadier-General USA (Staff); 

8 August: Brigadier-General USA (Staff) R Delafield retired; A A Humphreys promoted Brigadier-General USA (Staff)

18 August: Major-General USV J B Steedman resigned

1 September: Major-Generals USV C C Augur, E R S Canby, F Fessenden, J G Foster, A C Gillem, J Hooker, A A Humphreys, I McDowell, N A Miles, E O C Ord, J M Palmer resigned, J Pope, J J Reynolds, J M Schofield, G Stoneman, A H Terry, T J Wood, and H G Wight mustered out; Brigadier-Generals USV R Allen, A Baird, G W Cullum, J C Davis, C B Fisk, R Ingalls, G R Paul, J C Robinson, D H Rucker, T H Ruger, J W Sprague, J W Turner, S Van Vliet, L D Watkins, and C R Woods mustered out.

9 October: Brigadier-General USV G W Getty mustered out

1867 Changes in General Officers

1 January: Major-General USV F Steele mustered out

28 March: L H Rousseau appointed Brigadier-General USA.

1 September: Major-General USV W Swayne mustered out

1 October: Major-General USV E A Hitchcock mustered out

1868 Changes in General Officers

1 January: Major-General USV D E Sickles mustered out

6 July: Brigadier-General USV R K Scott resigned

1869 Changes in General Officers

1 January: Major-General O O Howard mustered out

4 March: General USA U S Grant resigned; W T Sherman promoted General USA; P H Sheridan promoted Lieutenant-General USA; J M Schofield promoted Major-General USA.

Union Generals 21 December 1869

General USA

William Tecumseh Sherman

Lieutenant-General USA

Philp Henry Sheridan

Major-General USA

Henry Wager Halleck
George Gordon Meade
George Henry Thomas
Winfield Scott Hancock
John McAllister Schofield

Brigadier-General USA

Irvin McDowell
Philip St George Cooke
John Pope
Oliver Otis Howard
Alfred Howe Terry
Edward Otho Cresap Ord
Edward Richard Sprigg Canby
Christopher Columbus Augur

Brigadier-General USA (Staff)

Montgomery Cunningham Meigs (Quartermaster-General)
James Barnet Fry (Provost Marshal)
Joseph Holt (Judge Advocate-General)
Amos Beebe Eaton (Commissary-General of Subsistence)
Joseph K Barnes (Surgeon-General)
Alexander Brydie Dyer (Ordnance
Andrew Atkinson Humphreys (Engineers)

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