1862 February 22nd

February 22 1862 Saturday

Inauguration of Jefferson Finis Davis as Confederate President

Burnside’s Expedition to North Carolina

Sibley’s Operations in New Mexico

CSA. The pro-Confederate Isham G Harris was suspended from office as Governor of Tennessee.

Georgia. Twenty-two Union naval vessels entered the Savannah River through Wall’s Cut, isolating Fort Pulaski.

Kentucky. Union Captain Andrew Hull Foote USN and Brigadier-General George Washington Cullum reconnoitred the Mississippi River down to Columbus, the anchor-point of the Confederate river defences. Four ironclad boats and two mortar boats escorted three transports carrying 1,000 soldiers.

Louisiana. Union Captain David Glasgow Farragut USM ordered a Coastal Survey team to sound the passes into the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico and to mark out the safest channel for access towards New Orleans.

Mississippi. Expedition to Eastport ended. USS Tyler completed a reconnaissance of the Tennessee River as far as Eastport.

Missouri. Confederate William Quantrill and a band of 15 bushwhackers entered the town of Independence. They believed the town to be free of Union soldiers but were surprised by a column of Union cavalry. A brief skirmish resulted and the Confederates fled, leaving two men killed.

Tennessee. Lieutenant William Gwin USN seized 1,100 sacks and barrels of flour and some 6,000 bushels of wheat at Clifton.

Texas. Skirmish at Aransas Bay involving Confederate Captain benjamin F Neal.

Virginia. Expedition to Flint Hill and Vienna by Union Colonel Max Friedman (5th Pennsylvania Cavalry).

Commander in Chief: President Abraham Lincoln

Vice-President: Hannibal Hamlin

Secretary of War: Edwin McMasters Stanton

Secretary of the Navy: Gideon Welles

  • North Atlantic Blockading Squadron USN: Flag Officer Louis Malesherbes Goldsborough USN
  • South Atlantic Blockading Squadron USN: Flag Officer Samuel Francis Du Pont USN
  • West Gulf Blockading Squadron USN: Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut USN
  • East Gulf Blockading Squadron USN: Flag Officer William McKean USN
  • Pacific Squadron USN: Rear Admiral Charles H Bell USN
  • Western Gunboat Flotilla USN: Flag Officer Andrew Hull Foote USN
  • Potomac Flotilla USN: Lieutenant Robert Harris Wyman USN

General–in-Chief: George Brinton McClellan

  • Department of Florida: Lewis Golding Arnold
  • Department of Kansas: David Hunter
  • Department of Key West: John Milton Brannan
  • Department of the Missouri: Henry Wager Halleck
    • District of West Tennessee: Ulysses Simpson Grant
      • Army of West Tennessee: Ulysses Simpson Grant
    • District of Cairo: William Tecumseh Sherman
    • District of St Louis: John McAllister Schofield
    • District of Central Missouri: James Totten
    • District of North Missouri: John McAllister Schofield
    • District of Southeast Missouri: Ulysses Simpson Grant
    • District of Southwest Missouri: Samuel Ryan Curtis
      • Army of the Southwest: Samuel Ryan Curtis
  • Department of New Mexico: Edward Richard Sprigg Canby
  • Department of New York: Edward Denison Morgan
    • Southern District of New Mexico: Benjamin Stone Roberts
  • Department of North Carolina: Ambrose Everett Burnside
  • Department of the Ohio: Don Carlos Buell
    • Army of the Ohio: Don Carlos Buell
  • Department of the Pacific: George Wright
    • District of the Humboldt: Francis James Lippitt
    • District of Oregon: Albemarle Cady
    • District of Southern California: James Henry Carleton
  • Department of the Potomac: George Brinton McClellan
    • District of Harper’s Ferry and Cumberland: Frederick West Lander
    • Army of the Potomac: George Brinton McClellan
  • Department of Texas: Vacant
  • Department of Virginia: John Ellis Wool
  • Department of Western Virginia: William Starke Rosecrans
    • District of the Kanawha: Jacob Dolson Cox
    • Cheat Mountain District: Robert Huston Milroy
    • Railroad District: Benjamin Franklin Kelley

Confederate Organisation

CSA: The District of North Alabama was established in the Western Department.

CSA: Brigadier-General Daniel Ruggles was appointed to command the District of North Alabama in the Western Department, arriving on 23 February 1862.

Ruggles, Daniel / Massachusetts / Born 31 January 1810 Barre, Massachusetts / Died 1 June 1897
USMA 1 July 1833 34/43 Infantry / Cadet USMA 1 July 1829 / 5th US Infantry 1 July 1833 / 2nd Lieutenant USA 8 February 1836 / 1st Lieutenant USA 7 July 1838 / Captain USA 18 June 1846 / Resigned USA 7 May 1861 / Brigadier-General Virginia Militia 21 April 1861 / Brigadier-General Provisional Army of Virginia 21 April 1861 / Colonel ACSA Infantry 27 April 1861 / Colonel Infantry Provisional Army of Virginia 9 May 1861 / Brigadier-General PACS 6 August 1861 to rank from 9 August 1861 / Commissary-General of Prisoners 24 March 1865 / Chief of Bureau of Prison Camps 24 March 1865-April 1865 / Paroled Augusta, Georgia 9 May 1865 / Brevet 2nd Lieutenant USA 1 July 1833 Brevet Major USA 20 August 1847 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel USA 13 September 1847
Potomac Line 22 April 1861-5 June 1861 / District of Aquia 19 July 1861-21 August 1861 / 1st Brigade Army of Pensacola 21 August 1861-12 October 1861 / District of North Alabama 22 February 1862-27 June 1862 / 3rd Brigade 1st Division II Corps Army of Mississippi 5 March 1862-29 March 1862 / 1st Division II Corps Army of Mississippi 29 March 1862-10 May 1862 / First Sub-District of Southern Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana 26 June 1862-5 September 1862 / District of the Mississippi 5 September 1862-1 October 1862 / 2nd Division Army of the West July 1862-August 1862 / District One of Mississippi and East Louisiana 21 October 1862-2 September 1863 / Commissary-General of Prisoners 24 March 1865-May 1865

Commander in Chief: President Jefferson Finis Davis

Vice-President: Alexander Hamilton Stephens

Secretary of War: Judah Philip Benjamin

Secretary of the Navy: Stephen Russell Mallory

Military Adviser to the President: Vacant

  • Department No 1: Mansfield Lovell
  • Department of Alabama and West Florida: Braxton Bragg
    • Army of Pensacola: Samuel Jones
    • Army of Mobile: John Bordenave Villepigue
  • Department of Henrico: John Henry Winder
  • Department of the Indian Territory: Douglas Hancock Cooper
  • Department of Norfolk: Benjamin Huger
    • District of Albemarle: Henry Alexander Wise
  • Department of North Carolina: Richard Caswell Gatlin
    • District of Cape Fear: Joseph Reid Anderson
    • District of Pamlico: Lawrence O’Bryan Branch
    • District of Roanoke Island: Henry Marchmore Shaw
  • Department of Northern Virginia: Joseph Eggleston Johnston
    • District of Aquia: Robert Augustus Toombs
    • Army of the Potomac: Joseph Eggleston Johnston
      • I Corps Potomac: James Longstreet
      • II Corps Potomac: Gustavus Woodson Smith
    • Valley District: Thomas Jonathan Jackson
      • Army of the Valley: Thomas Jonathan Jackson
  • Department of the Peninsula: John Bankhead Magruder
    • Army of the Peninsula: John Bankhead Magruder
  • Department of South Carolina, Georgia and East Florida: Robert Edward Lee
    •  District of Middle and East Florida: William Montgomery Gardner
    • District of Georgia: Alexander Robert Lawton
    • District of South Carolina: Roswell Sabine Ripley
      • 1st Sub-District of South Carolina: Arthur Middleton Manigault.
      • 2nd Sub-District of South Carolina: Roswell Sabine Ripley
      • 3rd Sub-District of South Carolina: Nathan George Evans
      • 4th Sub-District of South Carolina: John Clifford Pemberton
      • 5th Sub-District of South Carolina: Thomas Fenwick Drayton
  • Department of Southwestern Virginia: William Wing Loring
    • District of Lewisburg: Henry Heth
  • Department of Texas: Paul Octave Hébert
    • Eastern District of Texas: Paul Octave Hébert
    • Western District of Texas: Henry Eustace McCulloch
    • District of Galveston: Ebenezer B Nichols
    • District of Houston: John Creed Moore
    • Defences of Pass Cavallo: John W Glenn
  • Western Department: Albert Sidney Johnston
    • First Geographical Division: Leonidas Polk
    • Trans-Mississippi District: Earl Van Dorn
    • District of North Alabama: Daniel Ruggles awaited
    • District of East Tennessee: George Bibb Crittenden
    • Army of Central Kentucky: William Joseph Hardee
    • Army of Eastern Kentucky: Humphrey Marshall
    • Army of the West: Benjamin McCulloch interimEarl Van Dorn awaited
  • District of Arizona: Henry Hopkins Sibley
    • Army of New Mexico: Henry Hopkins Sibley
  • Forces in Richmond: Charles Dimmock

Note: Italics, awaiting confirmation of the commission

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