1861 April 2nd

April 2 1861 Tuesday

USA. The Morrill Tariff Act was passed by the US Congress.

Union Organisation

Commander in Chief: President Abraham Lincoln

Vice-President: Hannibal Hamlin

Secretary of War: Simon Cameron

Secretary of the Navy: Gideon Welles

African Squadron: William Inman
Brazil Squadron: Joshua Ratoon Sands
East Indian (Asiatic) Squadron: Cornelius Kinchiloe Stribling
European Squadron: vacant
Home Squadron: Garrett J Prendergast
Mediterranean Squadron: Charles H Bell
Pacific Squadron: John Berrien Montgomery

General–in-Chief: Winfield Scott

Department of the East: John Ellis Wool

Department of New Mexico: William Wing Loring

Department of the Pacific: Albert Sidney Johnston interim, Edwin Vose Sumner awaited

  • District of Oregon: George Wright

Department of Texas: Carlos Adolphus Waite

Department of Utah: Philip St George Cooke

Department of the West: William Selby Harney

Confederate Organisation

CSA: The Forces in Harper’s Ferry was established, comprising Virginia Militia troops occupying Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.

CSA: Major-General of Virginia Militia Kenton Harper assumed command of the Forces in Harper’s Ferry.

Harper, Kenton / Virginia / Born 1801 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania / Died Augusta, Virginia 25 December 1867
Captain Virginia Militia / Captain USV 1st Virginia Infantry 1847 / Mustered out USV August 1848 / Major-General Virginia Militia 10 April 1861 / Brigadier-General Provisional Army of Virginia 1 May 1861 / Colonel PACS 5th Virginia Infantry 7 May 1861 / Resigned PACS 11 September 1861 / Colonel PACS Virginia Reserves 2 June 1864
Forces in Harper’s Ferry 2 April 1861-28 April 1861

Commander in Chief: President Jefferson Finis Davis

Vice-President: Alexander Hamilton Stephens

Secretary of War: Leroy Pope Walker

Secretary of the Navy: Stephen Russell Mallory

“Department of Louisiana”: David Emanuel Twiggs

  • “Forces in New Orleans” “Army of Louisiana”: Braxton Bragg

Department of South Carolina: Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

  • “Forces in Charleston”: Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Department of West Florida: Braxton Bragg

  • “Forces in Pensacola”: Braxton Bragg

Forces in Harper’s Ferry” established: Kenton Harper assumed

Union Generals

Major-General USA

Winfield Scott

Brigadier-General USA

John Ellis Wool
William Selby Harney
Edwin Vose Sumner

Brigadier-General USA (Staff)

Joseph Eggleston Johnston

Confederate Generals

Major-General PACS

David Emanuel Twiggs

Brigadier-General ACSA

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Braxton Bragg

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